The Many Duties of Backer Rod Foam

If you’ve ever walked along an even, smooth sidewalk, or kicked back in a toasty log cabin during a blizzard, you owe a debt of gratitude to a product you’ve likely never seen. That product is foam backer rod; an incredibly important building material in masonry and construction that gives structures durability, flexibility, and longevity.


Backer rod, also known as expansion joint filler, is a thin waterproof foam cylinder that is packed into the joints between poured concrete, logs in cabin construction, and cracks or fractures in the repair of similar building materials. Its role as a bond breaker between substrate base surfaces and the waterproof sealant applied to the joint is vital, because if caulk completely fills the joint, a three-point bond is formed. If this happens, due to the expansion and contraction during seasons and temperature changes, the adhesive will pull against the two materials it is sealing and the substrate, causing damage or failure when it tears away from one. It also is important to fill these joints for the purpose of keeping joints free of moisture. Cover foam and sealant protects against the damage and degradation of building materials during freeze cycles. If a joint between two slabs in a sidewalk remains unsealed and fills with moisture and freezes, the expansion of water into ice can crack the cement.


Caulk and sealant do not bond to the foam backer rod which is packed in tight enough to expand with materials. Keeping that space filled allows the sealant to stretch and compress, much like a rubber band. Filling the majority of the crack’s space with foam is also much more cost-effective than doing the same with caulk, making backer rod a cost-saving measure as well, in addition to its structure-saving benefits.

Two Tips for Buying Beach Towels

A lot of people buy beach towels every year. But not too many people know that there’s a science to buying them.  Below you are going to find a couple of tips that you can use to find your perfect towel.

Know the kind that is right – Much like choosing clothes, selecting your beach towel is going to depend on what you need. If you are looking for a towel for your beach trip a good one to look for is one that’s 40×70. This is going to be really handy if you’ll be lying on the beach. You can also dust the sand off yourself and then also dry yourself after going for a swim.  It’s also a good idea for when you need to change clothes when other people around.

Look at the color, uniqueness, and quality – You want to be fashionable. So you want to find one that is going to look great when you are using it. Select towels that have one-of-a-kind patterns and make sure that they are reflecting your style. The towels are usually made from polyester, cotton, terry cloth, or terry velour.  Look for one that is fun and vibrant and you will find that you are making your summer a lot more exciting.

For just about anything that you can use in the home, from bedding to Christmas tablecloths, you are going to find that Home Linen is the place to go. With a lot to choose from and great prices, you are going to be happy with their selection.

Tips for Caring For Solid Bamboo Flooring

A lot of people have chosen to buy some bamboo flooring wholesale.  If you have solid bamboo flooring, one of the things that you want to do is to understand how you should care for it.  This is going to help you keep your strand bamboo flooring last much longer.

Direct sunlight may cause some kinds of bamboo flooring to get discolored. It could happen if your floor’s exposed to some really concentrated sunrays for a long time. This could happen if you have windows that are unscreened when the sun is at its strongest.  If you have some kind of floor that could be affected, make sure that you are shielding it from the rays of the sun through using net curtains, blinds, or screens.

You should clean up any spills right away.  If there’s a liquid spill that’s left for a long time, it could seep down into the floor and result in really deep staining. You may not be able to remove the stain and it will stay there.

Remember that you should spend some time caring for the bamboo flooring in your house.  This is going to help ensure that it’ll continue to bring you lots of joy and last for a lot of years.  It will also help with helping you avoid any really big maintenance.  Bamboo is one of the most beautiful materials that you can use for flooring.

Two Things to Look for in Wicker Rattan Furniture

The thought of outdoor wicker patio furniture holds an appeal for many people. It’s comfortable, it’s easy to clean, and it just looks nice. But with so many different types of wicker rattan furniture, how do you choose the best kinds of furniture? Here are a couple of tips that you can use when you are looking for your furniture. They will help you with choosing the furniture that is of the best quality and that is going to last you the longest amount of time.

Paint Job –One of the things that you should consider when you are looking for this kind of furniture is the staining or paint’s quality that’s on your furniture. There shouldn’t be any discoloration on the staining or paint.  The paint’s coating should be smooth and dry when you touch it. Additionally, the wicker furniture that is for use in the outdoors shouldn’t have a stain or paint odor to it.

Weatherproofing Treatments – Similar to the outdoor patio, the furniture that you buy for your outside area is going to need regular protection and upkeep. A really easy way to do this is through treating it using some kind of weatherproofing solution that is made specifically for patio furniture. There is a lot that you can choose from – it’s a good idea to ask the salesperson who sells you the furniture.

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Root for the Home Team with Foam Spirit Boosters

Whether you’re rooting on your team at the Super Bowl or cheering for your kids at their little league game, team spirit always makes games more fun and interesting. And while we can hoot and holler until we’re hoarse, showing our spirit is much easier than saying it, and foam products are one of the best ways to let your allegiance be known.

A cornerstone of the cheering world is the foam finger. These have come a long way since their original papier mache versions, and it’s difficult to attend a game at any level without seeing the foamy affirmation that your team is number one. These decorative foam accessories are bulk-cut from soft foam blocks and are often used in fundraisers or contests because of their affordability. Today, there are various novelty designs used, many tailored to individual teams. Hammers, talons, claws, and pitchforks are just a few of the newer patterns fans enjoy cheering with.

Cheering all day at the game can become uncomfortable though, whether you’re subjected to hard molded seats or cold metal bleachers. This is where foam steps in once again, to make showing your fandom that much comfier. In stadiums that allow them, cushioning bench pads soften hard seats, relieve pressure, and make it much easier to comfortably sit through a whole game. It cushions, pads and softens, but can also be used to show spirit as well. Cushions come in multitudes of colors so you can keep your team look consistent, and some even feature logos to go further in showing pride for your team. Before you head out to the ballpark, make sure you’re equipped to let your favorite team know that you’re on their side.

Strategies for Acoustically Insulating Your Ceiling

When an individual needs reduced noise or improved sound, the first areas that receive acoustic treatment are often the walls. However, in large rooms, open-space offices, and multi-story homes, more can be accomplished if you also address the space above you with acoustical treatment for your ceilings.

Ceilings are often neglected when a space is being treated for sound reduction with acoustical treatment. But in multiple-story structures, sound travels upward and downward just as easily as it moves outward. Ceilings are like noise lids, containing sounds and allowing echoes and reverberation. In large areas, like offices with multiple departments sectioned by dividers or cubicles under a shared ceiling, single departments are subjected to the whole floor’s noise. In an expansive classroom or auditorium, just a few voices can create sound reflections distracting enough to make hearing difficult for others. For these reasons, insulating sound in ceilings is vital for the acoustical treatment of a room. Fortunately, products exist for this very task, with foam mat sound barriers being affordable and fairly easy to implement.

In basements, acoustical drop ceiling tiles are great for clarifying sound and reducing noise sent to the floor above. Drop ceiling tiles are also very beneficial in offices or classrooms for cutting down on sound reflections, resulting in increased productivity and focus. Foam can be also factored into the acoustic construction of rooms. Closed-cell foam material sheets added between floors act as a sound deadening layer that can reduce noise, and some varieties also provide the added benefit of thermal insulation.

If you encounter noise issues and have looked all around for a solution, perhaps the problem isn’t all around you, but rather, above you.