Server Room Air Conditioners

Server rooms are the heart of any IT related operation, and when it comes to preventing system failures and hardware malfunctions, it is important that the setup and operation are done properly. A server room is generally an enclosed space and the amount of heat generated from the equipment in the room can swiftly and easily increase the temperature of the environment beyond the equipment specification. This can lead to system crashes, and poor performance in general. Hence, it is important to maintain the temperature of your server rooms below the specified ranges and this can be achieved by using a proper server room air conditioner.

Computer server rooms require the temperatures in and around their environment to be kept under constant monitoring and control 24 hours a day. General computer cooling and central air conditioning units are not the best choice for these purposes, as they do not possess the reliability required. Proper outdoor unit based air conditioners are the ideal option for maintaining the temperatures of server rooms at the desired level because these air conditioning units have the capability to run continuously for long periods of time . This prevents shutting down of computer networks, office equipment, and communication networks due to overheating.


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Put Your Feet up on a Cozy Ottoman

After a long day of work everyone looks forward to walking through the front door, plopping down on the couch and putting up their feet. We don’t get to enjoy that experience without an ottoman, however; one of the most relaxing pieces of furniture in a home.

Used as foot rests, extra seating, end tables, or even as decoration, ottomans are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can have in the home, and are made in varieties to fit any preference. The most traditional version is the four-legged, stool-style custom cushion. These are typically included as part of a living room set, meant to accompany a couch or chair. They feature soft seat-style padding that’s comfortable enough to put your feet up, as well as accommodate an extra guest in need of seating.

Many ottomans also offer hidden storage, as the tops either hinge open or can be lifted straight up and off. This is great for stashing magazines, remotes, and other knick knacks that have a purpose, but no real place in your living room.

For people just starting out, buying a complete living room set doesn’t often make sense, since jumping from location to location is often reality at the start of a career. That doesn’t make comfort any less important though, and stand-alone ottomans exist that can be both practical and affordable. Foam or pellet-stuffed beanbag-style ottomans are great options for a terrific foot rest in a space that’s maturing one piece at a time, or needs some interesting decor. Incredibly comfortable, bean bag ottomans are made in innumerable fabrics and colors, function as comfy extra seating, and are easily moved or stored.

Toss Out the Carpet and Invest in Bamboo Floors

Still rethinking why you need to choose home bamboo flooring? A home renovation is costly, that is why we all try to think and find the best options that will meet our needs and budget. Bamboo floors have become one of the most popular hardwood floor options because of various benefits and advantages. Though it is a plant, bamboo flooring hardness’ surpasses other hardwood floors in the market.

If you have lived with carpets for a very long time, you may be wondering why bamboo floors will be better. While it is true that bamboo floors needs to be swept daily unlike the usual vacuum-my-carpet weekly routine, bamboo floors does not trap harmful allergens, dust and mites unlike what carpets do. There are many bamboo floor designs available in the market that will match your personal preferences. Bamboo floors will instantly lift and make your space look modern and crisp. If you are on a tight budget, you don’t need to worry as bamboo floors are affordable and you can easily install these by yourself. You can purchase bamboo blanks that are built with cuts and grooves so you can lay it down and lock itself together in your floor.

The Benefits Of Having Warm Tiles At Home

Warm tiles or an under floor heating system is an alternate heating solution to keep your house warm during the winter. In the United States the popularity of an under floor heating system to keep warm floors has increased by 20%.  Under floor heating can help home owners save money on monthly heating expenditures while also giving environmental benefits. If you are still using a radiator to keep your house warm, below are some of the advantages you can have when you switch to an under floor heating system.

An under floor heating system is installed right next to your floor, its coils provide consistent heat flow to avoid any cold spots inside your home. Radiators blow out hot air, making the air you breathe inside your home too stuffy and uncomfortable. It can also produce moisture that attracts dust mites, bacteria and allergens. With an under floor heating system, clean air is guaranteed as there would not be any moisture build up. The internal pump of an under floor heating system heats up water up to 60 degrees Celsius, while a radiator needs water to be heated to 80 degrees Celsius. This said, you can evidently see that there will be a decrease in your monthly heating costs.

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Medallions for Classy Home Design

Doing a home makeover can be an exciting task; you look at new trends and take snippets from magazines and websites and picture how these would look great at your own home. You try to build the trendiest, the hippest and the most avantgarde home design you can build so that you can receive visitors with pride or just marvel at your pride and joy when you go home after a hard day at work. However, there is a problem with doing constant home renovations; it gets insanely expensive. This needs not be the case though, a home you can be proud of can still be had without having to spend a small fortune every couple of years to follow home design trends. The way out of this vicious cycle is to create a timeless design for your home that is sturdy as well.

For a timeless home design, stick to classic floor patterns like wood planks, parquet or maybe even marble or granite. Walls should not be overly designed with loud patterns and colors and should be theme-neutral.

To add a touch of class, consider adding some flooring medallions on your entryway. Stone medallions are circular or elliptical design elements that mix well with granite, marble or stone floors and have design styles that do not go out of style. Flooring medallions are classy because, while they are now affordable, they still look very expensive with their exquisite patterns. It is no wonder that if you look at old mansions, medallions are a staple.

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Preventive Maintenance

There is very little attention paid to the inner workings behind our everyday household appliances. They do contribute a lot to how things are properly done – like how piping helps flush out all of the things we dump down our sinks, or bathrooms – but very little is done to help maintain them.

A septic tank is where all of the liquid outflows from our pipes go to; it’s micro-scale sewage treatment facility. Basically, all of the liquid we flush down accumulates in this tank, wherein compostable matter is broken down by a natural chemical process, thus reducing their volume and making them easier to dispose of through liquid flow – usually towards a septic drain field (under/towards soil).

Septic tank maintenance is a necessary thing that most people overlook; for example, a poorly maintained septic tank may accumulate chemicals and lead to hazardous chemical reactions or chemical aeration – which may endanger you and your family. One important thing to keep in mind is that everything that we flush down can’t be broken down – like lint accumulating from the liquid of drained laundry – and thus, making septic tanks less effective. Simple precautions like a septic tank filter may effectively increase the effective life and use of your septic tank, and reduce the hazards associated with waste accumulation.

These are very much easy to overlook since we don’t encounter them every day, but always keep in mind that preventive maintenance can save use from more pressing problems in our household’s future.

Article submitted by Laundry Alternative.Lint accumulation is a hazard for your septic system maintenance, clothes washers should keep this in mind!