Tips for Hanging Replacement Doors

This article was written by Eto Doors.

Hanging a new door in your home might seem very intimidating. However, in most cases this couldn’t be further from the truth. Modern pre-hung doors make it easy for anyone to quickly install a door in their home with little experience necessary or the need for specialized tools. Within a short amount of time, you can have the door hung and move on to your next home improvement project.

If you have your old door handy, this will make the job of hanging your replacement door much easier. Your first step is to match up your old door with the new door so that the measurements will be exact. You can do this by matching the top and hinge edges of both doors. Clamp them together lightly using commercially available clamps.

Your next step is to make the correct markings on the new door slab. You can transfer the hinge locations from your old door to your new door by using a sharp pencil and a speed square. After this, you can unscrew the hinge from the old door and hold it in the correct place you have marked on the new door. From there, you can trace the outline of the hinge, making sure to keep the same distance from the edge of the door to the edge of the hinge as on the old door.

After you’ve traced out the hinges, you can cut them out by using a chisel and an Exacto knife and then bore out the lockset holes. You then simply cut the bottom of the door to match the size of your old door and mount it.

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