Selecting the Right Cleaning Agent for Your Artificial Grass

This article was written by Artificial Turf Supply Commercial & Residential Division.

After investing time and money on an artificial grass installation, you want to make sure that your lawn lasts for years. And it will as long as you perform some basic maintenance and care for your turf properly. This can include using cleaners to remove stains, gum or pet waste materials from your artificial turf lawn. However, using the wrong cleaner can damage your lawn and potentially void your warranty.

Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting a cleaning agent for your artificial turf lawn:

Never use harsh chemicals on your artificial turf lawn. Harsh acid or alcohol-based cleaning agents aren’t recommended for use with artificial grass. They can simply be too powerful and cause permanent damage to your lawn. Specifically, they can cause the blades of grass to become weak, leading them to break and not stand up correctly.

Rinse thoroughly after any cleaning. Even after using a mild cleaning agent such as laundry detergent, it’s still important to rinse your lawn completely with water. You’ll want to rinse it enough so that the detergent passes through the infill and goes all the way down into the ground.

Don’t use rough brushes or cloths when cleaning your lawn. A rough material can fray the blades of grass over time. Instead, choose a soft brush or cloth and gently clean the lawn to remove stains or perform basic cleaning.

A good rule of thumb is to consult the installation manual provided when you purchased your artificial turf. This will give you information about what the manufacturer recommends for cleaning your lawn.

Artificial Turf Supply Commercial & Residential Division can help you find the perfect artificial grass for your business or residential property. Visit their website to browse through their large selection of synthetic grass and to read advice on installing and caring for your turf lawn.

Swimming Pool Noise Control Solutions

Written by : Home and Gardens

Indoor pool construction should consider acoustic cancelling solutions to control noise from dives and from people inside. Apart from that, materials and the architecture should be designed to reduce reverberation or echo. Solution to these acoustic problems includes the following;

Baffles and banners

When you can’t alter existing building structures and make them soundproof internally within the walls, the easiest way to solve noise and echo is to install fabric or acoustic baffles and clouds on the ceiling. These are used mostly on open lobbies, malls, and parking spaces and indoor gyms. Economical and artistic, it also improves speech intelligibility and reduces sound levels on high noise decibel areas.

Acoustic Foams

Acoustic foam panels are used as sound barrier in commercial and residential structures. Carlo Badalamenti of The Foam Factory recommends neoprene sheets as sound deadening foam solutions in between walls, ceilings and even on floors. It’s commonly used in multi-layered construction schemes and can be designed to various shapes and thickness. Acoustic foam manufacturer like Canada Foam by Mail can deliver custom sizes for any architectural requirements.

Wall Panels

Acoustic wall panels are flexible materials that you can install on existing room walls. These can come in planks or sheets and can be applied on curved walls in an auditorium, gym or indoor swimming pool walls to reduce sound reverberation. Effective and versatile solution, most interior architects use this on existing structures that needs to be remodeled. For residential structures, home owners who want to sound proof rooms can make use of wall panels to absorb and control outside noise.

For sound proofing solutions, you can check out Canada Foam by Mail products for both residential and commercial needs. They can supply acoustic foams in different shapes, thickness and bass absorbent grades.

Interior Design Ideas from Homebuilders

By The Oaks Development Company

Everyone has an idea of what their dream home will entail. For most, this leads them to looking at houses in Lawton, OK. Amongst other things, homes in Lawton, OK come in all sizes, to accommodate your family, yet also with enough options to give you the perfect residents.

Of course, because everyone has different tastes, you may have to do a little extra work to get the finished product you’ll enjoy the most. That’s where interior design comes in handy. Most homebuilders suggest you begin with the kitchen for this. Why? Because that’s where most families spend the majority of their time. It’s also where you’re most likely to have friends and guests gather when you have them over. Plus, you can do everything from replace fixtures and accessories to paint the room a new color.

In the bedroom, another good place to redesign, you can change out the master bath, redo the floors with a more familiar carpet and even install a number of high-tech accessories that will not just make you feel more at home, but make home feel even better while you’re there.


If you’re in the market for a new place to live, you have a lot of options to choose from, but none will compare to new homes in Lawton. These homes offer all the latest conveniences and style, while being based in a great neighborhood and school system, yet they’re still plenty affordable at the same time.

Avoid Legal Issues in Pool Construction

Written by Lyle Charles

There are all kinds of issues that face any construction project. From dealing with suppliers to contractors to the unions to even the customer, if you want to bring the build in under deadline, you’re going to have quite the challenge ahead of you. The good news is that, if you know what you’re doing, it doesn’t have to be an issue. Even if you don’t, the right construction claims consultant can help you handle things the best way possible.

Take pool construction, for example. It’s definitely popular. But that doesn’t mean it’s an easy thing to do. Building pools come with all kinds of issues, many of them legal. You could land yourself in all kinds of trouble if you have anything to do with building a pool that doesn’t meet every little last detail of different ordinances (there are always too many to count).

That’s where a consultant can come in handy. Having that extra pair of eyes going over everything means you know the pool you’re building is both safe and legal. As a result, you get a happier customer and more repeat business.


Construction projects involve too many moving parts to go at it alone, which is why so many companies in your situation rely on Lyles Charles. Aside from being a reputable a construction claims expert, Mr. Charles is experienced in all facets of the construction industry and can lend his knowledge to help get yours the results you desire.

Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips for Fall

Written by Artificial Turf Supply Commercial & Residential Division

Fall is nearly here, which means it’s time for cooler temperatures and possibly some rain. Fortunately, if you have fake grass, there’s not much you have to do to prepare for the coming season. Fake grass has been created to withstand outdoor elements, including rain, wind, and cold temperatures. Still, there are a few things to consider when taking care of your fake grass in the fall. Artificial Turf Supply Commercial & Residential Division offers the following tips on how to maintain fake grass during the fall season.

Eliminate Leaves and Debris

The fall season is when leaves do more than change color; they eventually drop off and get blown by the wind into your lawn. If you have synthetic grass, this means you will need to know how to properly remove these leaves and other debris that the breeze might bring. To get rid of leaves without destroying your turf, use a push broom to broom the turf against the grain. You can also use a rake or blower.

Stabilize the Fibers

It’s recommended to stabilize the fibers of fake grass at least every three months, so a new season is definitely a great time to do this task. The good news is that if you cleaned the turf with a push broom, you accomplished two tasks with one. The push broom not only cleans the turf of leaves and debris, but also stabilizes the fibers.

Artificial Turf Supply Commercial & Residential Division provides synthetic lawns for commercial and residential projects, including artificial lawn products for pets and playgrounds.

Wall Insulation For Your Next Construction Project

By Carlo Badalamenti

Insulation may be one of the most underrated features of any home. After all, people don’t tend to advertise how great their home’s insulation is. Nonetheless, it’s an incredibly important part of any structure, especially homes and especially those here in Canada, where temperatures can reach both sides of the thermostat.

In the winter, you need quality insulation that will keep heat from escaping through your walls. It’s especially important in the attic, where insulation can keep heat from escaping (remember that heat rises). An investment in insulation is not just about keeping your home comfortable, it’s about saving money on having to pump more treated air into your home to make up for the loss.

In the summer, you want insulation for the exact opposite reason: to keep cold air in. Otherwise, you’ll always feel warm and continue losing money as you pump more and more cold air into your home.

If you’re in the market for insulation, foam in Canada is definitely your best bet. You just can’t go wrong with such a versatile, effective and affordable option.


Canada Foam by Mail offers the types of polystyrene insulation Canadians love and just about any foam product you could want and all at a great price. On their website, you can find countless options in terms of memory foam and the different types of mattresses. So no matter what size bed you use, you’ll find the memory foam option that works best.

Not All Foam Is Dry Fast Foam

By Carlo Badalamenti

People are often very surprised to find out how much they’ve been missing when it comes to using foam cushions. Whether we’re talking about in the home, the office or in the lobby of your business, foam brings too much to the table to be ignored where comfort, cost and resiliency is concerned.

Unfortunately, that last aspect seems to cause a spot of confusion for a lot of people. Everyone knows foam is extremely comfortable. And everyone also knows it’s a great value for the price. However, how durable your foam is has a lot to do with which kind you bought.

Just because you went with foam, doesn’t mean you went with dry fast foam. This is the type of foam that is able to take all kinds of spills or even visits from Mother Nature and not fold. Instead, this amazing foam actually begins drying itself off immediately.

If you don’t have this kind of foam, you need to tackle spills and messes immediately. Otherwise, they’re sure to cause damage to the foam. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have the dry fast version!


At The Foam Factory, you can find just about every type of cushion you could ever need and each one is more comfortable than the last. So whether you need outdoor furniture cushions, an option for your RV, something to sleep on in your bedroom or just about anything else, this store will have what you’re looking for and then some.

Ideas for Refinishing a Door

Refinishing a door is one of the most satisfying and achievable projects that anyone can do. Even the most originally beautiful wood door will suffer after years of facing the elements. With pre-planning and assembly of tools you need, plan to start early and enjoy the fruits of your labor by late afternoon to early evening. Ask a friend to help in taking the door down to refinish it. Some doors are quite large and heavy! Here are some ideas for refinishing a door:


Consider your hands, eyes, and skin before starting a refinishing project. Make sure you’ve got goggles, rubber gloves, and a long-sleeved shirt and long pants to wear.

Plan to use a work bench or a couple of sawhorses to stabilize the door while you’re refinishing it.

Remove stain or old paint

Start with a light coat of remover. A two-inch bristle paint brush should work well. Wipe remover from the edge of the door as you apply it. Some removers drip. Paint removers shouldn’t be allowed to dry so, as the solution is absorbed by the wood, continue to apply more until the wood is visible. Most paint removers should perform the job in about thirty minutes. Use a scrubbing brush to remove any finish that isn’t automatically dissolved in this step.

Sand, stain, and seal the wood

Use fine grit sand paper to remove all traces of the finish. Then, use a natural stain to restore the beauty of the wood. Use a foam brush, working one section at a time. Wipe any excess with a paper towel, rubbing in the wood grain direction. If applying urethane to add shine, do this right away. The stain doesn’t need to dry first. Optionally, use stencils or appliques to give your door a custom look.

Rehang the door

The results of your handiwork are complete, so it’s best to ask your friend for assistance in rehanging the door. Then, stand back and admire your work!


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ETO Doors offers a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on every door it sells. ETO Doors is dedicated to total customer satisfaction. See ETO Doors reviews for every door online at their website.

Cushions for your outdoor furniture

Written by Carlo Badalamenti

If you’re looking to put outdoor furniture in your home for your patio or backyard, you will need to have cushion fillingthat is able to withstand increased wear and tear due to exposure in the outdoors. Before you buy outdoor furniture, you must first have to make sure that you do not get furniture that has regular foam in them. By doing so, you would be buying furniture that would be left helpless to the elements such as rain, moisture, or even snow. That means that if weather conditions turn bad, you would not be able to use your furniture for an extended period of days due to cleaning and drying them up. This would result to a very bad investment as well as changes in whatever plans that you may have. Having outdoor furniture that’s not built for the outdoors is just a waste of money, and that throws out all your plans of hosting outdoor dinner parties, picnics, and get togethers that will definitely center on your outdoor furniture as the place where you would be receiving your guests. The most vulnerable item in your outdoor furniture is your cushions. And that’s exactly the reason why you need to have cushions that are dryfast or would not be as susceptible to moisture or water as normal cushions would. With that being said, buy smart, and make sure you know exactly what it is you’re buying before you commit to anything. All it takes is just a few questions to a store clerk.


The Foam Factory has some of the finest cushions and products around for the most affordable prices. They even have outdoor furniture cushions that are able to withstand the elements.

Design Your Patio

Written By: Carlo Badalamenti

There are many places in the house that your family will enjoy spending time it because it encourage bonding, relaxation and unwinding after a long week of work. The common places like these in the house are the living room, the terrace or even the patio. The dining table is also a good place for catching up and discussions of important family matters. Going back to the patio, it is best to design it that will suit your liking. There are many things that you can do there with your family. You can all read books together, catch up and telling stories or even making arts and crafts in the patio. Because of this fact, it is then only necessary that you design it in such a manner that it is comfortable for your whole family. What are some of the things you can do so that this can be achieved? You can purchase custom foam cushions, which is a nice addition to your patio because you can actually choose your own design or even make one that is unique for your family. Adding in your names for example is a good idea because your kids will really appreciate this. There are many other things that you can do to make your patio more nice and comfortable. Rest assured that after you do this, you will feel so accomplished and fulfilled and you will get many praises from your family and friends. It is only right that you do this for yourself.


Go and visit Foam Factory Inc. and you will find many things that will help you design your patio. You can also buy other things like couch foam there.

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