5 Innovative Methods to Revamp Your Dining Room

Your dining room serves as a hub for delightful meals and engaging conversations with loved ones. However, as time passes, it may start to appear outdated or uninspiring. If you’re seeking ways to update your dining room, consider these creative approaches to transform the space:

Embrace Striking Illumination:

Introduce a statement lighting fixture to your dining room for an added touch of elegance and allure. Opt for a bold chandelier or pendant light that will capture attention and establish a captivating focal point.

Mix and Match Seating:

Infuse visual intrigue and personality into your dining room by mixing and matching different styles or colors of dining chairs. This approach creates a distinct and eclectic aesthetic that sets your space apart.

Revitalize Your Walls:

Give your dining room an instant refresh by applying a fresh coat of paint or introducing new wallpaper. Experiment with vibrant hues or captivating patterns to infuse drama and interest into the area.

Art and Accessories Integration:

Elevate the personality and style of your dining room by incorporating artwork and accessories. Hang a captivating art piece or adorn the space with decorative objects such as candles, vases, or plants to establish an inviting atmosphere.

Upgrade Seat Cushions:

Prioritize comfort during your dining experience by upgrading your seat cushions. The Foam Factory offers a diverse range of comfortable and durable seat cushion options. Consider adding custom cushions in lively patterns or colors to enhance both the style and comfort of your dining room.

In summary, updating your dining room presents an opportunity to create an inviting and stylish space for your loved ones to enjoy. By incorporating statement lighting, embracing mixed seating arrangements, revitalizing your walls, integrating art and accessories, and upgrading seat cushions with options from The Foam Factory, you can effortlessly transform your dining room into a stunning and welcoming environment!

Top Ways to Improve Your Backyard’s Image

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Summary: When it comes to renovating or cleaning your backyard, make sure you take the time to clean and reorganize.

While every homeowner has his or her own unique preferences on how they want their backyard or patio to look, many want to create a setting that’s inviting and most importantly, comfortable. When it comes to your backyard, it might need a little refresher. Even though it takes up much of your property space, a dirty and messy backyard can become an eye sore.

If you want to do a bit of renovating and cleaning, whether it be for a birthday party or gathering or because you want a nice place to relax, there are some extremely simple and inexpensive ways that you can accomplish this.

Prepare for Gardening

The next time you are in your patio or backyard, make sure you look around and find areas that can house flowers or other floral arrangements. If you have previous flowers or plants, it might be time to freshen them up. Also, if your grass is starting to grow out of control, take some time to trim it down to size. Not only will this look more organized, but it will lessen the craziness of the outdoors.

Remove Old Furniture Pieces

Another part of your patio that you can work on is removing all the old worn-down furniture pieces that you have resting there. When you have friends or family over, you want them to feel invited and safe. Old furniture can be a potential safety hazard. If you own steel or metal furniture that’s been in the outdoors for years, and someone slices their finger or arm, they could be at risk for a serious infection. Swap out any old pieces and replace them with new furniture instead.

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How to Properly Clean Your Used Couch

Summary: If you’re financially set on purchasing a new couch for your home, cleaning it thoroughly can be a cost-effective solution.

Expensive furniture can make a home look beautiful but it’s also a pricy endeavor. If you have a used couch that you’ve already broken in, you have the option to restore it. Although it may require a bit of DIY experience, it isn’t something that you can’t manage.

Clean and Disinfect

Dealing with a used couch is different from handling another used furniture item, such as a table or a desk. It may be easy to assess the quality of a desk, but a couch is a different type of beast. While the exterior may look like it needs a bit of cleaning, there may be remnant of mold or mildew from spills. Use specialty sprays and dry-clean the cushion covers to give the fabric a deep clean. This can help kill germs and keep a safe environment.

If certain stains do not come off, you may want to consider purchasing new ones. Stubborn dirt or stains may have ruined the fabric, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need to purchase an entirely new couch. Try searching online for new couch covers that match the style. This is an easy and simple replacement step.

Killing Germs and Bacteria

It may be possible that your couch contains a number of bugs or germs that are far too small for you to see. Now, it can be difficult for you to know for sure but if you want to be certain, you will need extreme temperatures to kill them off. Temperatures that exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit or extremely low temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit can eliminate them although it’s best to consult with a professional to perform the task for you.

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Simple Ways to Organize Your Storage Unit

Summary: Organizing your storage unit can be accomplished using a few simple techniques.

You might find yourself in a position where you have a lot of things. Your house, from your room to your garage, could be filled with different items you have purchased over the years. If you have a storage unit to help manage some of the clutter in your house, you could be confused about how to keep your items organized. The last thing you want when you go to your storage unit is to spend hours looking for that one item because you do not have a clear organization system.

There are a number of very simple and practical approaches you could take to immediately make your storage unit more orderly.

Make Use of Vertical Space

One big mistake plenty of people make when organizing a storage area, whether that be a unit or a garage, is only focusing on horizontal space. In your storage unit you only have so much space for storage. Rather than solely thinking about how things will fit on the ground, think about how you can make smart use of the vertical space. Stack boxes, hang things on the wall, and move items around to make sure you are taking advantage of every square-inch you are given.

Label Boxes

Another very simple tip you can follow is labeling all of your boxes. Use colored labels to categorize the different boxes you have. For instance, green could be for sports equipment and red could be for holiday decorations. Color coding can make it that much easier to figure out where things are, at a quick glance.

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The Impact of Dry Fast Foam on the Industry

Dry Fast FoamWritten by: The Foam Factory

Open cell reticulated foam is known for its’ open pore structure that allows air and water to flow through easily. This free-flowing structure is designed to create a comfortable and cool seating cushion. Most commonly used outdoors, patio owners are fond of these. Another variation of open cell foam is dry fast foam. A widely popular product due to it being formulated with antimicrobial agents, along with it being waterproof, this foam is a boat owner’s best friend.


Dryfast foam is made with quality in mind. You’ll be getting a product that’s virtually maintenance free. It is, however, a more expensive foam, but with such an outstanding quality it’s highly recommended for use in areas that receive heavy moisture.

Beware of Imitators

Dry fast foam and marine foam cushions have long been imitated by manufacturers that want the same success that these types of foam have experienced in the last years. Be sure that you confirm that your dry fast foam is authentic and not a knock-off. You can easily determine this by pouring a cup of water on top of the foam and watch it seep through to the other side immediately. If you see it begin to run off the sides, then it’s most likely an imitation.

The Bottom Line

Dry fast foam is a high quality product that is perfect for high-moisture areas. If you’re a boat owner, consider using these foam products as they will give you the least amount of trouble and require little to no maintenance in the end.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools for Your Pool

Article Written By : Viv Artificial Grass

If you’re thinking about installing a pool, you have a lot to look forward to. There will be great times with that pool and definitely one of the best ways to cool off. However, you probably also know there will be some work involved too. You’re going to need to maintain it in a number of ways, for one thing. It will also mean making sure people stay safe around it.

You probably know this though. That’s to be expected. What most people don’t know is that having the right power tools handy is important too. Perhaps you already have the right Powerbuilt or Kawasaki tools for the job. Powerbuilt tools make some that are especially handy for pools.

In any case, so long as you have DIY credentials, make sure you have some tools ready for jobs that involve your pool. Whether it’s handling minor issues or fixing potential emergencies, you can’t be too careful when an investment as big as a pool is on the line. The right tools will make all the difference.

Wall Insulation For Your Next Construction Project

By Carlo Badalamenti

Insulation may be one of the most underrated features of any home. After all, people don’t tend to advertise how great their home’s insulation is. Nonetheless, it’s an incredibly important part of any structure, especially homes and especially those here in Canada, where temperatures can reach both sides of the thermostat.

In the winter, you need quality insulation that will keep heat from escaping through your walls. It’s especially important in the attic, where insulation can keep heat from escaping (remember that heat rises). An investment in insulation is not just about keeping your home comfortable, it’s about saving money on having to pump more treated air into your home to make up for the loss.

In the summer, you want insulation for the exact opposite reason: to keep cold air in. Otherwise, you’ll always feel warm and continue losing money as you pump more and more cold air into your home.

If you’re in the market for insulation, foam in Canada is definitely your best bet. You just can’t go wrong with such a versatile, effective and affordable option.


Canada Foam by Mail offers the types of polystyrene insulation Canadians love and just about any foam product you could want and all at a great price. On their website, you can find countless options in terms of memory foam and the different types of mattresses. So no matter what size bed you use, you’ll find the memory foam option that works best.

Not All Foam Is Dry Fast Foam

By Carlo Badalamenti

People are often very surprised to find out how much they’ve been missing when it comes to using foam cushions. Whether we’re talking about in the home, the office or in the lobby of your business, foam brings too much to the table to be ignored where comfort, cost and resiliency is concerned.

Unfortunately, that last aspect seems to cause a spot of confusion for a lot of people. Everyone knows foam is extremely comfortable. And everyone also knows it’s a great value for the price. However, how durable your foam is has a lot to do with which kind you bought.

Just because you went with foam, doesn’t mean you went with dry fast foam. This is the type of foam that is able to take all kinds of spills or even visits from Mother Nature and not fold. Instead, this amazing foam actually begins drying itself off immediately.

If you don’t have this kind of foam, you need to tackle spills and messes immediately. Otherwise, they’re sure to cause damage to the foam. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have the dry fast version!


At The Foam Factory, you can find just about every type of cushion you could ever need and each one is more comfortable than the last. So whether you need outdoor furniture cushions, an option for your RV, something to sleep on in your bedroom or just about anything else, this store will have what you’re looking for and then some.

Cushions for your outdoor furniture

Written by Carlo Badalamenti

If you’re looking to put outdoor furniture in your home for your patio or backyard, you will need to have cushion fillingthat is able to withstand increased wear and tear due to exposure in the outdoors. Before you buy outdoor furniture, you must first have to make sure that you do not get furniture that has regular foam in them. By doing so, you would be buying furniture that would be left helpless to the elements such as rain, moisture, or even snow. That means that if weather conditions turn bad, you would not be able to use your furniture for an extended period of days due to cleaning and drying them up. This would result to a very bad investment as well as changes in whatever plans that you may have. Having outdoor furniture that’s not built for the outdoors is just a waste of money, and that throws out all your plans of hosting outdoor dinner parties, picnics, and get togethers that will definitely center on your outdoor furniture as the place where you would be receiving your guests. The most vulnerable item in your outdoor furniture is your cushions. And that’s exactly the reason why you need to have cushions that are dryfast or would not be as susceptible to moisture or water as normal cushions would. With that being said, buy smart, and make sure you know exactly what it is you’re buying before you commit to anything. All it takes is just a few questions to a store clerk.


The Foam Factory has some of the finest cushions and products around for the most affordable prices. They even have outdoor furniture cushions that are able to withstand the elements.

Design Your Patio

Written By: Carlo Badalamenti

There are many places in the house that your family will enjoy spending time it because it encourage bonding, relaxation and unwinding after a long week of work. The common places like these in the house are the living room, the terrace or even the patio. The dining table is also a good place for catching up and discussions of important family matters. Going back to the patio, it is best to design it that will suit your liking. There are many things that you can do there with your family. You can all read books together, catch up and telling stories or even making arts and crafts in the patio. Because of this fact, it is then only necessary that you design it in such a manner that it is comfortable for your whole family. What are some of the things you can do so that this can be achieved? You can purchase custom foam cushions, which is a nice addition to your patio because you can actually choose your own design or even make one that is unique for your family. Adding in your names for example is a good idea because your kids will really appreciate this. There are many other things that you can do to make your patio more nice and comfortable. Rest assured that after you do this, you will feel so accomplished and fulfilled and you will get many praises from your family and friends. It is only right that you do this for yourself.


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