Tips for Hanging Replacement Doors

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Hanging a new door in your home might seem very intimidating. However, in most cases this couldn’t be further from the truth. Modern pre-hung doors make it easy for anyone to quickly install a door in their home with little experience necessary or the need for specialized tools. Within a short amount of time, you can have the door hung and move on to your next home improvement project.

If you have your old door handy, this will make the job of hanging your replacement door much easier. Your first step is to match up your old door with the new door so that the measurements will be exact. You can do this by matching the top and hinge edges of both doors. Clamp them together lightly using commercially available clamps.

Your next step is to make the correct markings on the new door slab. You can transfer the hinge locations from your old door to your new door by using a sharp pencil and a speed square. After this, you can unscrew the hinge from the old door and hold it in the correct place you have marked on the new door. From there, you can trace the outline of the hinge, making sure to keep the same distance from the edge of the door to the edge of the hinge as on the old door.

After you’ve traced out the hinges, you can cut them out by using a chisel and an Exacto knife and then bore out the lockset holes. You then simply cut the bottom of the door to match the size of your old door and mount it.

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Inside and Outside

Farms have been around for many years now and although many advances in technology have been made, farms still exist using mostly traditional and organic ways of growing crops and livestock alike. Following traditional methods, certain parts of the soil must be subject to animal feces and some parts must be kept away from livestock. Livestock too, must be kept in a safe containment area as not to get lost in the vast area of the farm lands. Older practices make use of garden fences to establish the borders between the territories of neighboring properties. This would normally be sufficient given that people agree to respect each others’ borders of territories, however, that might not be the case all the time. In some scenarios, bandits or looters can simply go over the ordinary fence, on to your property and take something without permission. Sometimes, animals are persistent enough to force themselves between the gaps of the fence and run away. These examples show that ordinary garden fences may not be sufficient. Electric fences are available on the market these days and it’s simply a wire fence that runs a current through it and can potentially run a current through a living object enough to deter future contact. It’s a simple upgrade and it keeps your property secure. You can be rest assured that with electric fences, you not only keep the bad elements out, you are also able to keep your investments securely inside your premises.


Article submitted by Farm Supply Store. Electric fence testers are available here for proper maintenance of your farm fencing equipment.

Tips for Cleaning Door Handles and Hardware

Door handles and other pieces of hardware go a long way in determining the overall look of a front door. Clean and attractive door handles, knockers and other items add a sense of character to a front door. But if these items are dirty, rusty or oxidized, it can make your entry door look drab or run down and reflect poorly on your home as a whole.

If you have older hardware, it might be time to refurbish your pieces. Even if they don’t need a complete refurbishing, it’s a good idea to clean them on a regular basis. Here are a few tips on how to clean your door handles and hardware:

Remove the Hardware From the Door: Leaving the door handle or other hardware on your door as you clean it exposes your door to harsh chemicals. This is especially true for wood doors, as industrial cleaners can cause serious damage to wood. In addition, removing the hardware will allow you to get to small nooks and pieces.

Use the Right Type of Cleaner: In most cases, you’ll need to use more than soapy water to completely clean your door’s hardware. The type of cleaning product you use will be determined by the hardware’s material. Diluted vinegar works on many metals and woods, but you’ll want specialized cleaners for materials such as brass.

Consider Paint: If your hardware still looks dingy after a thorough cleaning, you might want to consider applying a coat of paint. Adding paint to metal hardware can help it to complement the overall look of the door by either blending in with the door’s color or by providing a contrasting color.

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Lighting Allowances for Front Doors

Your front door serves as the entry point to your home. It’s not only the first thing that people will see when visiting your home but it’s also a potential source of beauty inside of your home. Along with its own aesthetic appeal, a front door can help you to add natural light to your home and make your interior space look brighter.

Whether you have a wooden, metal or fiberglass door, you can add glass features to it and allow it to bring natural light into your front room. Not only will this brighten up your home but this also lets you safely look outside from your front door without having to crack the door or use the peephole. Using frosted glass gives you an extra sense of security by limiting the ability to people from the outside to look in.

Glass can be placed several different places to provide natural light for your front door. You can add it directly to the panel of your door, added on windows placed over the door (known as transoms) or in sidelight panels next to the main door. Using transoms will not only provide additional primary light for the front room but also add to the light flowing from the entryway into other rooms in the house.

Door panels can have several additional features. Some panels have special low emissivity coatings that filter out ultraviolet rays that can damage furniture. Other panels have in-glass blinds that can be adjusted to protect the glass from dirt.

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How Strand Bamboo Flooring is Great for the Environment

Written by: Quick Home Tips

If you’ve chosen bamboo flooring for your home, the decision was no doubt influenced by how beautiful the finished product looks. You may have also chosen it for how unique the floor is compared to traditional options. Whatever your decision, one of the best reasons to choose bamboo flooring is because of how good it is for the environment.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the entire planet. This means, unlike hardwood floors, your purchase of bamboo flooring is not having a negative impact on an ecological system somewhere.

 photo bamboo-floor2_zpsk6jb41ya.jpg

What’s more, bamboo is a pioneering plant, which means it has no problem starting out in soil that would not be able to support other plants. In this way, bamboo is great for the environment because it can do more with less and turn poor soil into great soil, just by growing there.

Lastly, if you’re using strand bamboo flooring you’re taking part in a pretty amazing example of recycling. Stand bamboo is simply the leftover byproduct from processing the plant into floor panels. These leftover pieces are ground into a fine powder and then put under extreme pressure and heat, eventually forming panels of their own. But don’t worry, they retain the bamboo flooring hardness you’re looking for in your choice.

Bamboo flooring has a lot going for it, not the least of which is that it’s tremendous for the environment.

Saving the Earth

With the surface area of cities slowly getting smaller and smaller, most companies are deciding to build up rather than build out. With the rise of apartments and condominiums that need to cater to the growing number of people looking for houses, the sizes of these apartments are getting smaller and smaller.  With less space at one’s disposal many amenities a normal house would contain now has to be taken out. This poses apartment owners with a serious conundrum: “Which amenities should I remove?” Freezers can always be integrated with the refrigerator and refrigerators can always get smaller. Stoves can be done away with as the microwave and toaster oven can still be viable options for cooking.

What most people seem to take out is their washing machine. With the availability of Laundromats, most opt to have their laundry done there, rather than at home. There is an added hassle to this as it would require one to lug their dirty clothes around town to the Laundromat. No one has to do that anymore with the availability of the small washing machine and even the portable washing machine! A person with a small apartment can still be able to do their own laundry within the comfort of their homes with the advent of these convenient and great appliances. Gone are the days of bringing your dirty laundry through a couple of blocks when one gets a small washing machine or a portable washing machine now!


Article submitted by The Laundry Alternative, trusted providers of the compact washing machine.

Energy Efficient Doors

Installing new exterior doors in your house is a surefire way to increase its curb appeal and potentially its property value. But did you know that putting in new doors can also save you money in the long run? This is because, in many cases, newer doors will lead to big savings in how much you have to pay to heat and cool your home. By installing new, energy efficient doors in your home, you can keep your home comfortable, attractive and reduce your energy costs.

In order to make sure that you are getting the most energy efficient doors possible, look for doors that are ENERGY STAR qualified. The ENERGY STAR program is run by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to encourage homeowners to use products that are energy efficient, and this extends to doors. In fact, you might even be eligible for a tax credit if you purchase and install ENERGY STAR qualified exterior doors in your home.

Along with the ENERGY STAR qualification, there are several other distinguishing features that are common with highly energy efficient doors. They tend to have insulating glass that is double or even triple paned to reduce the flow of heat. They are made with core interior materials that are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. This can include wood cladding, steel or fiberglass. And energy efficient doors have improved weather stripping — in cases with magnetic strips to ensure a tight fit.

When combined with energy efficient windows and skylights, ENERGY STAR qualified doors can reduce a family’s energy bills by seven percent or more each year. Combined with the ability to reduce your carbon footprint, installing an energy efficient door is a choice that makes sense.

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Quick Facts About Bamboo Floors

When looking for a new floor, you face more options than ever before. From ceramic tile to marble to carpet, each carries a wide variety of choices. One option many don’t know about is bamboo. The legendary East Asian material can be cut and modified to make flooring just as easily as traditional wood floor options are. If you’re interested in high quality bamboo flooring, keep reading for more information.

While it’s been used for thousands of years, here in the West bamboo has only been utilized for floors going on about a decade. In that time, however, the materials and techniques involved have been perfected. So you shouldn’t worry that by picking bamboo you’ll somehow be one of the first guinea pigs.

One of the many reasons people choose bamboo flooring is its durability. Obviously, the plant itself is renowned for how strong and tough it can be. But that being said, natural bamboo flooring, even with a finish over it, will still need regular care and maintenance just like any other option.

There are two main ways bamboo flooring is installed. You can either nail it down or glue it to the wood or concrete sub-floor below. The two options are very different and will ultimately affect how you prepare the sub-floor. As such, if you’re not particularly handy, it may be best to hire a professional.


Keeping Cool this Summer

When summer hits and temperatures rise, there is nothing better than knowing you have air conditioning ready to help keep you cool. Lacking this modern amenity can make spring, summer and even parts of fall thoroughly unenjoyable. Let’s review what your home needs to keep you cool and comfortable.

The easiest way to stay cool inside is with an air conditioning system that runs through the house and dispenses cool air through vents. With a few buttons pressed, your home can immediately be a cool reprieve from the hot outdoors.

If that’s not an option, you should consider portable ac units which will help keep your home cool one room at a time. In fact, even if you can afford or already have a home air conditioning system, you might want to consider the portable alternative. Often you can save money simply by cooling the room or rooms you’re in, rather than paying to have the whole place serviced.

While staying cool inside is great, it’s important to get outdoors as well. You have all winter to stay inside and avoid the merciless cold. With the right outdoor cooling unit, you can enjoy the great outdoors while keeping cool at the same time. Options include everything from misters to conventional fans and portable units designed to function outdoors. Just because the season says it needs to be hot doesn’t mean you have to be.


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Extended Vacations at Home

This guest post provided by Sensa.

You wake up today in your same old house with the same old fixtures, the same old furniture, and maybe you just thought to yourself, “I think I need a little change in my life.” You may opt to look for a short vacation just to get yourself away from it all, but who says that change has to be somewhere away from your home?

People don’t realize that a change in your living environment can drastically change the way you live your life, and it will definitely last much longer than a vacation. Some people like to spend their time in the kitchen and cooking up their own meals, kitchen remodeling would be perfect as replacing your old tools or just simply cooking in a different space can be enough change to revitalize you. Bathroom remodeling is also another popular choice as we spend a majority of our time doing our business in the bathroom. Your own home is a place where you can pamper yourself with life’s little luxuries, and why not make your vacation permanent, or at least until the next time you need a vacation.

The great thing about remodeling is that the process can be just as enjoyable as the result. Choosing what goes in and out of your living space can be an exercise of your creativity and taste. You get to choose what matches your personality, or you can get the things that you feel would make your life easier.

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