Layered Mattresses for Comfort

Our comfort and support preferences are all individually unique, and no matter how similar two people are, every person has something about them that makes them different. Despite this, mattresses are still seen by many as a one-size-fits-all product, with hard or soft as the only options.

Running contrary to the cookie-cutter approach most traditional mattress companies take, foam mattresses and foam bed pad toppers are products that can be mixed, matched, and combined to create a personal sleeping experience tailored to the individual.

The layering of a mattress takes the approach of building your comfort in steps. For some people, a mattress for beds may be perfect in one big slab, just like traditional mattresses work for some people. But by layering, you can build toward your perfect level of comfort and support, one section at a time. Foam for bed layering is cut into sheets usually only a couple inches thick. Based on how tall an individual wants their mattress, they add layers on as they go until they reach their height. Firmer pieces are often at the bottom, as layered mattresses often are made to have softer layers at the sleep surface.

Multiple materials can be combined in a layer mattress too. Perhaps varying firmnesses of conventional foam rest under a memory foam top layer. A latex core can be used under any other type of material for a firm base. Or you can sandwich one feel between two other layers to get a bed that’s a combination of both. What’s more, layering rarely requires sheets be glued together, so if you find you’re not crazy about your setup, you can shuffle layers as well. Simply put, for your own individual sleep needs, an individualized layered mattress is the right choice.