Lighting Allowances for Front Doors

Your front door serves as the entry point to your home. It’s not only the first thing that people will see when visiting your home but it’s also a potential source of beauty inside of your home. Along with its own aesthetic appeal, a front door can help you to add natural light to your home and make your interior space look brighter.

Whether you have a wooden, metal or fiberglass door, you can add glass features to it and allow it to bring natural light into your front room. Not only will this brighten up your home but this also lets you safely look outside from your front door without having to crack the door or use the peephole. Using frosted glass gives you an extra sense of security by limiting the ability to people from the outside to look in.

Glass can be placed several different places to provide natural light for your front door. You can add it directly to the panel of your door, added on windows placed over the door (known as transoms) or in sidelight panels next to the main door. Using transoms will not only provide additional primary light for the front room but also add to the light flowing from the entryway into other rooms in the house.

Door panels can have several additional features. Some panels have special low emissivity coatings that filter out ultraviolet rays that can damage furniture. Other panels have in-glass blinds that can be adjusted to protect the glass from dirt.

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