Make Your Own Boat Trailer Foam Pads

Incredibly resilient, buoyant, non-absorptive, and carve-able, cross-linked polyethylene closed-cell foam is a natural fit for marine and nautical applications.

Routinely made into custom kayak seats, cross-linked PE (XLPE) can be carved and even sanded into a one-of-a-kind seat that gives users an incredible degree of control and comfort in their vessel. These seats are carved from blocks, but XLPE is also made into sheets of varying thicknesses, meaning additional padding in a kayak is possible.

Also made into dock padding to prevent damage from boats, XLPE has a boating application out of the water as well. For DIY boat trailer pad replacement, XLPE is the perfect material.

Resistant to breakdown from water and incredibly strong, this foam type will absorb vibrations during transit, pad the boat gently, and firmly hold it in place. Simply put, it’s the perfect blend of strength and softness. Sculptable just like a kayak seat, people can trim and carve this material to whatever size and shape they need when they have to replace their trailer pads. This foam is easily shaped with sharp blades, sawing tools, and even sandpaper for the finest adjustments. XLPE is non-scratching so it won’t damage boats, and can be wrapped in whatever covering fabric the owner desires as well.

A trailer pad replacement needs to be durable, non-absorptive, padding, and strong – XPLE qualifies on all of those points.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, a leading source for closed-cell foam online, including cross-linked polyethylene, neoprene, and polystyrene.