Married Name Change for Young Lovers

It is a beautiful moment, that day when a man and a woman find themselves exchanging vows, eager to share the rest of their lives with the one that they love. Joined in holy matrimony, they plan to share their lives, and also their identity. That married name change is a sort of symbolic recognition of the joining of two lives. Those who were once two separate souls wandering the vast expanse of probability and the planet are now a unified force founded on principles of love. The two know in their very core that they are made for each other. Their love does not need a label. The change of name after marriage is more for the convenience of others. People will know just by looking at a hotel booking, or a bank account that these two have been wed.

Of course, they both welcome the change to married name with eagerness and enthusiasm. To them, it is not just a silly ritual that for whatever reason has been perpetuated into modern society. No, it is much more than that. It is the only way they can think to accurately describe who they are. To carry any other name just would not seem right. It’s like when you are referred to as Mr. Last Name for the first time, and it just seems off. To be addressed without a joint name just would not be appropriate. And though it just a simple name change, it is something you will project for the rest of your lives