The Different Types Of Gelato Cups And Spoons

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At any gelateria or ice cream parlor, in most cases, proper spoons have been replaced by disposable gelato cups and spoons, except in instances where ice cream sundaes require long spoons in tall glasses. When it comes to the actual spoons, there are a lot that of different types that are stocked. Even though there are so many varieties, when it comes to keeping stock cost is also a factor, considering that at a minimum, a single spoon will be used and disposed of, for every potion consumed.

Here are two basic spoons that the average ice cream parlor will have:

  1. Tasting Spoons


When it comes to spoons for an ice cream parlor, one type that gets used more than any other are tasting spoons. Especially when it comes to new customers, who need to sample one or more flavors, and each flavor sampled for each customer will require a different tasting spoon. Initially disposable plastic spoons were used but now wooden spoons are used for tasting. They require washing but it is seen as a necessity given the sheer volume of tasting spoons the average ice cream shop will run through.

  1. Yoghurt Spoon


Yoghurt spoons are another basic spoon type heavily used in ice cream shops. Just like the above these frozen yoghurt spoons come in plastic and wood. In addition they also come in heavy duty or medium weight and in a few different colors. This allows some interesting mixing and matching of colors and types to match the personality of the shop and its color scheme.

Three Reasons Why You Should Hire an Answering Service

According to experts in the industry, attracting a new customer costs five times as much as keeping an existing one. So what should this tell you about your customers and the ability to keep them happy?

It’s the key to success, or at least that is what most businesses consider to be the secret to increasing profitability. This is why large businesses are very particular about having their own customer service department.

While big businesses can afford to have their own department which serves customers, small business owners might not be able to and this is where an outsourced answering service might do a lot more for you than you can imagine.

Here are three ways you’ll benefit from building a closer relationship with your customers through the expertise of a virtual receptionist.

Reason #1: Stay in touch with your customers 24/7

An outsourced call center will not only provide you with adequate staff to handle all phone calls, but they will be able to contact you as soon as there’s an emergency. This can help you avoid answering the phone unless something is very serious.

Reason #2: Understand what your customers need through complaints

When your customers complain, it is considered to be a gift. The reason for this is that they are the ones who are trying these products, and in finding issues or errors with them, they’re only telling you what works and what doesn’t. Listening to customer complaints is perhaps the best way by which you can make the improvement of your products an ongoing affair.

Reason #3: Affordable yet professional service

Most of these phone answering services come with years of experience and expertise garnered from working with businesses across several industries. Hiring their services will ensure that your customer is taken care of professionally, while keeping the cost will within your budget.

Benefits of an Employee Background Check

It was not long ago that employers and landlords shared something in common. Yes, we are talking about the risk of making uninformed decisions which could cost them a lot of money. However, all that has changed now due to the fact that technology allows background checks, which can be accessed instantly, on individuals.

Whether you want access to a particular person’s credit reports or even someone’s driving records, this can be obtained easily by services that are offered by particular agencies that have access to their records.

In the case of the employee background check, it is not surprising that the longevity of a potential candidate plays an important role in finding employment elsewhere or else this turns out to be an issue for the employer in the long run as the hunt for another replacement is imminent.

At another level altogether, conducting a tenant credit check is also wise due to the fact that some tenants have a history in eviction as well as not being able to pay the rent on time. This can be a nightmare for landlords who prefer to have people occupy their homes and who are interested in building a solid relationship with their landlord.

All in all, you should be able to find that in being able to find information that is relevant and revealing to the candidate, you should be able to make an informed decision.

How a Live Answering Service Can Help You

If you have never considered obtaining a live answering service for your business, then it is time that you do so. Most experts consider this to be an excellent move on the part of any business, whether large or small.  And in being able to do so, the dividends will more likely come from repeat business and new customers.

Yet the only approach is not to hire an entire customer service unit immediately but to start off by hiring the services of experts in the area of phone answering services. Not only does this reduce costs right off the bat but it also pleases your customers due to the fact that their queries and issues are dealt with by a qualified expert who is not only knowledgeable but also polite and professional in their demeanor.

Since the health of a business is determined by an increase in profits as well as the ability to please its customers time and time again, one of the biggest advantages that a business can have over its competition is the fact that its customers are listened to.

No matter what level of service you are looking for whether it is a helpdesk or even a simple telephone answering service, in taking that leap of faith, you will understand how important it is for your customers to be taken cared of.

Why Instant Background Checks Work

So, do you think that instant background checks help?

The truth is that if you are still doubting whether this process works for companies or not, then it is time to review the best practices of the organization that you are running at the moment. In the good old days, this might have been acceptable but in today’s world where the internet provides people with information instantly, this should not come across as a surprise.

There are more and more companies that are resorting to employment screening since attrition does take its toll after a while, and it becomes imperative that you are able to find employees who will stay with the company for a good amount of time.

And since a check on their qualifications, financial history among other things can provide you with a clear picture as to whether or not they are best suited for your organization, you can be sure that you will be able to access this information even before you decide who to call in for an interview.

It does not hurt either to conduct a criminal check just in case you think a candidate’s profile is too good to be true. If your suspicions are proved wrong, then you can go ahead and hire the employee to help you with your work.

All in all, it is important that you conduct these background checks as it is vital to any businessman or employer to make informed decisions that could save them a lot of money and trouble in the future.

Looking for the best artificial turf prices?

Article submitted by Artificial Turf Supply

Fake grass was first used in competitive sport, and after its resounding rate of success spread to other areas such as lawns, landscaping, miniature gold courses and parks as well. It has come to a point now that more and more customers prefer artificial grass as opposed to the real thing.

And since there are several manufacturers these days offering the best deals, it bodes well that one does sufficient research before opting to sign on the dotted line so that you lawn gets the artificial grass turf treatment that has a plethora of benefits that span from lower maintenance to tax rebates for saving water.

First and foremost, the best thing for a prospective buyer to do is to surf the internet for manufacturers that not only offer the best artificial turf prices but also have a knowledgeable staff that will help you with installation once the deal is made.

After you have made a list of manufacturers who you think offer the best deals, you have to provide each of them an estimate of the size of your lawn while also determining whether or not you want infill for your lawn as well.

Once you have checked on how much this costs, and if it suits your budget, check whether you can install it yourself or require personnel to come and install the artificial grass for you.

All in all, it’s a fairly easy process where one just has to be patient to find the best deals.

Swimming Pool Accessories

Swimming Pool Accessories

Swimming Pool Accessories

There are many Swimming Pool Accessories and will take too long to list all of them out here, i will list a few out to give you a rough idea of the essential things you can get. They vary between the ones you need ot maintain and keep your pool looking good and the fun stuff, like waterfalls, games etc.

Important Swimming Pool Accessories

Pool Heater
This is a fantastic accessory that allows you to use the pool during those cold days and nights. Swimming around in a warmed pool is a fantastic feeling and its not something i can do without anymore

Pool Chlorinators
Another important peice of kit you should have is a pool chlorinator. It disperses chloring througout the pool over a period of time and keeps your pool safe and clean for use.

Fun Swimming Pool Accessories

What is a pool without a floating lounger to let you soak up the sun and enjoy the water as well. To me a lounger is one of the must have swimming pool accessories and ive spent hours floating around on reading and soaking up the sun.

Swimming Pool Slides
Having a slide is a must have if you have young kids who can really enjoy. It is a lot of fun and they will spend hours and hours on it.

These can be a little expensive and might not always go with the design of your pool but having one can will mean you can have that very relaxing sound of water all the time.

Game Posts
Two posts on either side of your swimming pool which lets you setup a net for various games like vollyball and the like.

If your are planning on building a pool, take the cost of these swimming pool accessories into account when you are budgeting.

Swimming Pool Liner

Swimming Pool Liner Swimming Pool Liner

A Swimming Pool Liner is a simple device that helps to protect the floor and walls of a pool. Available in models that are constructed for use with in-ground as well as above ground pools, the liners are often made of a highly resilient vinyl or other synthetic materials that can and will stand the test of time. The object of the pool liner is to extend the life of the pool by preventing mold and other forms of damage to occur to the pool itself.

Installation of a Swimming Pool Liner

Pool liners are usually part of the installation process that takes place when the pool is put into place. The liner is usually secured to the interior sides of the pool using a series of fittings along the edges of the pool. As part of the installation process, the pool liner is also sometimes installed with the use of water-resistant adhesives that allow the liner to adhere to the construction of the pool.

While the pool is considered to be more or less permanent, the pool liner is not. Depending on the climate and how well the pool is maintained, the pool liner is likely to last for many years. However, it is not unusual for a swimming pool liner to be replaced at some point. While a homeowner may find it possible to replace the liner on an above ground pool with little trouble, the process is often more involved for an in-ground pool and requires the services of a professional.

While a pool liner can be constructed with many different materials, the vinyl pool liner is often an ideal choice. The vinyl is rugged and also capable of molding to the dimensions of the interior section of the pool with no trouble. This is particularly important if the pool design includes ledges or steps in the pool itself. The vinyl is also relatively easy to move around during the installation process, making it easier to smooth out and wrinkles or air bubbles that may appear as the liner is put into place.

Cleaning the Swimming Pool Liner

Cleaning a pool liner usually involves draining the pool and scrubbing down the surface with cleansers that are formulated for the task. With proper care, a pool liner can easily last for many years before replacement is required. During the life of the liner, it is important to make note of any small rips or tears that may form in the lining. Repair kits that help to seal smaller rifts in the liner should be kept on hand, as the potential for permanent damage to the pool is increased while the tear remains unsealed.

Swimming Pool Designs

While the specific shapes and sizes of your pool will vary from others, there are some basic types of pool designs that are available. I have listed a few here in order for you to get a better idea of what might interest you.

Swimming Pool Designs Basics

Before you go and add the ultimate luxury to your house which is the swimming pool, there are some things you need to go regardless of whether you are going the diy route or getting it a pool construction company to do it for you. Nowadays there are different options and different packages available at every level so it is important to understand the fundamentals of the swimming pool designs available on the market today.

Above ground vs Inground Pool

The first consideration is whether you want to build yourself an above ground pool or an inground pool. Everyone knows that inground pools are a lot more high end and look a lot snazzier than the above ground variety. However your choice can depend on some factors. Firstly there is the matter of supply, you may be on a waiting to list to get an inground pool as they can take sometime to build and usually the orders are backed up over a period of time. The other is your environment, does your backyard or where it is you’re putting your pool lend itself to above ground or inground? Some backyards are slanted or have a setup where an above ground pool can look very much like an inground pool. That way you could spend the difference in cost on either decking or other accessories.

Swimming Pool Designs – Inground

In ground pools are usually made from the following materials: concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass. Each material has distinct advantages and disadvantages and you need to carefully consider which one would benefit you the most based on the following factors.

(1) Concrete is by far the most versatile and durable of the materials, making it the most popular for new pool.s Concrete pools are also the most difficult and time-consuming to install as concrete has to be laid and cured which can take time.

(2) Vinyl uses a vinyl lining on top of a steel frame. Vinyl is almost as versatile as concrete, but you will need to take greater care is needed to prevent the lining from getting punctured and/or damaged. It is generally cheaper and easier to install than concrete and wont take anyway near as long to complete.

(3) Fiberglass is a prefabricated shell. It is the cheapest and easiest to install. It is more durable than the vinyl, but less versatile and the designs are usually pre-made and kept according to the molds available.

Either way talk to local vendors and scope out the setup in your area. The costs of the above materials might make the difference as certain materials are cheaper in certain areas.

Swimming Pool Designs – Above Ground

The primary choice for above ground pools is whether your pool should be soft-shelled or hard-shelled. Soft-sided pools are much cheaper, but also end up being much less durable. These pools are a better idea for homeowners who want to provide their kids with a pool and an occasional soak, but probably won’t want to keep their pool installation for the long term and don’t consider it an integral part of their home. Hard-sided pools can range in price and longevity to match a your needs. With a quality deck installation, they can rival in ground pools for luxury and appeal and the snazziness we are all looking for.

You may hear that an above ground pool is harder to maintain than an inground pool. This is absolute nonsense. The problems most homeowners have with their above ground pools is that they are skimping on the filter and pump installations, along with the materials. Even the cheapest swimming pools deserve a quality filter and cleaning system to ensure the required maintenance and repair is kept to an absolute minimum.

High End Swimming Pool Designs

The Higher end of the spectrum when it comes to swimming pools can be designed to meet any personal preference for luxury or backyard ambiance. The first step in custom swimming pool design is to design an organic shape that is pleasing to the eye and blends into the dimensions of your yard, making it a work of art. The pool and spa combination can get pricey but will certainly streamline the cost of installing them separately. Waterfalls are the epitome of creating a backyard oasis and can be easily connected to a swimming pool design to give that exotic look to your backyard. Anything you can imagine that would be associated with a swimming pool can be incorporated into the design so you can achieve the pool of your dreams.

Some Example Swimming Pool Designs

While the specific shapes and sizes of your pool will vary from others, there are some basic types of pool designs that are available. I have listed a few here in order for you to get a better idea of what might interest you.

Swimming Pool Designs

Backyard Fun

Boulder Falls

Boulder Falls

Swimming Pool Designs



Fountain Fun











I hope you found this article on swimming pool designs helpful, before you get into the nitty gritty of signing up for a pool i suggest you read this book to get the maximum out of your pool purchase. Trust me you will save a lot of money.

Swimming Pool Games

Always be sensible when playing in or near a swimming pool or water and supervision by a responsible person is recommended. The swimming pool games listed here should only be played in purpose built swimming pools and by those who are able to swim without assistance. This is just ensure that nobody gets hurt as can sometimes happen when playing in or near a swimming pool

List of Swimming Pool Games

One person is chosen to be the leader and goes to the opposite side of the pool to the other players. The leader then chooses a cate

Swimming Pool Games

Swimming Pool Games

gory (eg cars, colours, food, ice cream, drinks, etc) and tells the other players, who have to choose their answer/s to that category. The leader can either get out the pool or put their head under water in order not to hear what answers the other players are choosing.

When the players have chosen their answer the leader has to try and guess the other players choices. If they get it right the player (or players if several have the same answer) have to race to the opposite side of the pool while the leader races to the players side of the pool. If the leader wins they remain the leader, but if they loose the person who won the race becomes a new leader. All players must be touching the side of the pool before racing.

Nominate someone to be the leader, who then has to do something funny like a funny walk or an impression of someone, then they jump into the pool anyway they want. The other players then have to follow and copy what the leader did. If they get part of it wrong they get given a C of the word CHICKEN. This happens each time until they have collected all the letters that spell CHICKEN.

Players can also decide to chicken out on a particular go to avoid getting a letter. But show that they have chickened out by doing the chicken dance, say “Bok, Bok” and then jump in the pool. Players may only chicken out 5 times.

You can make the game easy, medium, or hard:-

EASY- Players don’t have to do it exact and can chicken out as many times as you want.
MEDIUM- Players have to copy the main idea and can chicken out 5 times.
HARD- Players have to copy the leaders movements exactly and can only chicken out 2 times.

Colors (Colours)
One person is chosen to be ‘it’ (the catcher) gets out and faces away from the pool. All the remaining players in the pool chose a color. The catcher continues to face away from the pool and asks “Do you have your colors?” and if players answer they do the catcher then starts calling out various colors. When a player’s color is called they have to try and swim across the pool quietly without being heard. The catcher if they hear a player moving can then turn around and try and tag them before they reach the safety of the other side of the pool. You can use different categories like cars, flowers, etc…

Make out Tag
Simple game of Tag (or IT), but players have to be tagged underwater. If you tag somebody you have to kiss them.

Get players to partner up. Players try and swim in pairs with one half doing the arm movements while the other half of the pair holds onto their partner and does the leg movement. Best tried in the shallow end.

Play as in Stuck in the Mud’, with one or two players being nominated to capture the others. Once a player is caught they have to go to the shallow end the stay there until they are set free by a player, who has not yet been caught, swimming through their legs.

Effectively a swimming pool version of tag or ‘it’, One or two people become sharks with the objective of catching the other players who are in the water. Players are not allowed to leave the water. Once a person is caught they either stand or sit on the side of pool.

Swimming Pool Games Set 2

Simon says swim
1 person says,
“Simon says jump!” – players have to jump
“Simon says leap into water!” – players have to leap into water
“Simon says swim front crawl!” – players have to swim front crawl
“Simons says get an inflatable and swim around for a minute”
Do these in any order

[You could probably do this using any set of commands that are safe to play. ‘Simon Says’ is typically played so that any instruction preceded by the words “Simon says” are obeyed, if not you are out. However, if an instruction is given without Simon says being given, this instruction should not be obeyed, otherwise you are out.]

Play as NEWS but include nautical terms like:

“port”, – Left

“starboard”, – Right

“stern”, – Back

“bow”. – Front

“Shark” All get out of the water.

“Pirates” All jump in again

Best played in the shallow end, unless your group is made up of strong swimmers! Play across the width of the pool with two targets, such as floatation board set on end, set up as goals at either side. (or proper goals if they happen to be handy). Rules can be improvised, but to simplify:

  • Once a player holds the ball they cannot move, either they must try to score a goal or throw the ball to another player. All other players are free to move, but must remain in the water (including goal keepers).
  • Play is continuous. Except if the ball goes onto the poolside where it is handed to the nearest ‘goalkeeper’ as a goal throw.
  • Once a goal is scored the ball is given to the referee to be thrown into the middle as a `toss up’ between teams, or it can be given to the goal keeper of the side the goal was against.

Remember to keep the courses safe and use your own common sense, such as use of the shallow end for swimmers who are not confident in the water. Possible races can include

  • Obstacle courses… include things such as swimming through hoops, pushing a ball through the water. Swimming underwater, retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool, etc. But
  • Distance under water,
  • Time under water, etc.

Diving Games
Retrieving items eg set of keys, coins, diving bricks Going through weighted hoops (if available)
Distance you can swim under water Amount of time you can hold your breath underwater.

I hope you enjoy these swimming pool games i listed, i will add more as time goes on

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