Inground Pool Kits

Inground Pool Kits

Inground Pool Kits

Inground Pool Kits are very much the same as the standard above ground pool kits except that they are made with the intention of looking like a proper swimming pool. The problem with above ground pool kits is that they look like they have been placed there and dont give the look and feel of what we consider to be a proper swimming pool.

Choosing from the various Inground Pool Kits

The choices are somewhat similiar to the normal kits but in most cases it will be a more expensive operation as it will involve some significant earth moving and you might even need to hire some heavy machinery to get it done unless you can hire a crew to dig the required depth.

The problem with Inground Pool Kits

If your back garden is like mine and not accessible to earth moving machinery then using Inground Pool Kits means that its going to take a lot more time and effort to finish it quickly, so the point of the fast installation of an pool kit is somewhat lost. Above ground pool kits can be setup and assembled in under a week but Inground pool kits require a bit more time. Still they are pool kits and it does still give you a cost saving versus a standard pool construction. This also lends more towards the DIY angle since you could simply buy a pool kit and then hire the contractors to install it for you. What you choose depends on your preference and how much your budget is.

If Inground Pool Kits are not the way to go for you then read up on how to get your money’s worth from a contractor with the book that i recommend.

But if you can, always try to go for an Inground Pool Kit as opposed to the above ground ones

DIY Fiberglass Pool

DIY Fiberglass PoolDIY Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass pools are nothing new, in fact these types of pools have been around for nearly 50 years.  DIY Fiberglass pools are single piece, factory built shells made with fiberglass, resins, and finished with a gel coating, a non-porous surface similar to modern day boats and pool slides.

DIY Fiberglass Pool types

Fiberglass pools are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with various tile patterns, fiber optic lighting, and in-floor cleaning systems, possible. Some forms of maintenance like acid washing, resurfacing, and liner replacements don’t exist with with fiberglass pools, but proper weekly chemical and cleaning maintenance are still needed to protect the gelcoat finish.

DIY Fiberglass Pool Care

There are some things that you will need to consider before you go ahead with a Fiberglass pool:

1. You cannot drain your pool.
Your fiberglass pool is designed to remain full of water at all times. If the pool is drained without proper directions, hydrostatic or ground pressure outside the pool could cause the structure to buckle or crack. All damage to the pool shell resulting from improper pool drainage is the owners responsibility.

If it becomes necessary to drain the pool, contact your fiberglass pool installer or the the fiberglass pool manufacturer

For optimal operation, keep the water level in the center of the rectangular skimmer plate on the pool wall. Low water level may cause the circulating pump to loose prime resulting in pump damage, high water level reduces or eliminates the skimmer effectiveness

2. Surface Care

The “bathtub” ring which forms on the pool wall or tile caused by body oils, suntan lotions and air borne contaminants can easily be removed with swimming pool tile cleaner or other non abrasive commercial tile or vinyl cleaners. On a DIY Fiberglass pool do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, metal scrapers, brushes or tools as these may cause permanent damage to the gel coat finish. Dulled gel coat above the water line may be restored with a heavy cut automotive polishing compound either power or hand applied followed by a coat of wax. The gel-coat finish of your fiberglass pool can be scratched like any other gloss surface. The gelcoat is seven to eight times thicker than a normal coat of paint so it is not likely that scratches will be more than superficial.

The added bonus of a DIY Fiberglass Pool is that it is very cost effective against the other options available.

DIY Swimming Pool

DIY Swimming Pool

DIY Swimming Pool

If you are thinking about getting your own swimming pool in the back yard then building a diy swimming pool maybe something to think about if you want to save some money, or get the best swimming pool for your investment. The money saved from going the DIY route can be used either as a saving you can end up with a much snazzier pool like i did.

DIY Swimming Pool?

So how will you save money by doing it yourself and going for a diy swimming pool? Well a diy swimiing pool means you can cut out the “middle man”, which is the pool construction company, by contracting out the work yourself to teams of subcontractors who would ultimately have been doing the work anyway. By doing it this way you can also avoid the additional fees charged by the pool construction company.

This does not mean extra work for you, because you will have to deal with the people who work on the pool construction anyway, so there is not going to be any additional hassle.

How much will i save if i go the DIY Swimming Pool route?

You can save anywhere between ten thousand to twenty thousand dollars by hiring the contractors out yourself. If you want to go the extra mile you can get a list of the materials they need and source those out yourself, usually that amounts to another five thousand dollar saving. If you are going the DIY route or direct i recommend you read this book, i learnt everything i know about pools from it.

Good luck with your diy swimming pool

DIY Pool

DIY Pool

DIY Pool

If you are looking for information on taking the DIY Pool route when considering your options then you will find all the information you need right here. I would like to point out that when DIY is mentioned in relation to a swimming pool it does not mean that you are expected to craft the pool yourself. a DIY Pool project is to take the pool construction company out of the equation and to directly engage the contractors who actually build the pool to do it under your supervision.

Inground DIY Pool

In this sense, Inground DIY pools are the way to go, if you were potentially looking at an above ground installation then you might actually be able to do it yourself since these do not require digging of any sort and can actually be setup over a couple of weekends. My inital option was to get an above ground pool but going the DIY route meant that i might as well get an inground and enjoy the benefits of a proper pool.

Why go the DIY Pool route?

Simple. To save money. I’ve been collecting for sometime now to get a pool but going to an advertised pool construction company means you are going to be paying a premium for something could cost a lot less if you went straight to the people who actually did it. Look around in your yellow pages or ask around at your local hardware store and you are bound to find someone who has gone the DIY pool route before.

While i did learn a lot of things along the way, i took most of my guidance from this book that i read that you could probably find useful as well.  I am almost done with my pool and in the course of the next few weeks i will update the site on the things that i have learned and what i find important.

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