Put Your Feet up on a Cozy Ottoman

After a long day of work everyone looks forward to walking through the front door, plopping down on the couch and putting up their feet. We don’t get to enjoy that experience without an ottoman, however; one of the most relaxing pieces of furniture in a home.

Used as foot rests, extra seating, end tables, or even as decoration, ottomans are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can have in the home, and are made in varieties to fit any preference. The most traditional version is the four-legged, stool-style custom cushion. These are typically included as part of a living room set, meant to accompany a couch or chair. They feature soft seat-style padding that’s comfortable enough to put your feet up, as well as accommodate an extra guest in need of seating.

Many ottomans also offer hidden storage, as the tops either hinge open or can be lifted straight up and off. This is great for stashing magazines, remotes, and other knick knacks that have a purpose, but no real place in your living room.

For people just starting out, buying a complete living room set doesn’t often make sense, since jumping from location to location is often reality at the start of a career. That doesn’t make comfort any less important though, and stand-alone ottomans exist that can be both practical and affordable. Foam or pellet-stuffed beanbag-style ottomans are great options for a terrific foot rest in a space that’s maturing one piece at a time, or needs some interesting decor. Incredibly comfortable, bean bag ottomans are made in innumerable fabrics and colors, function as comfy extra seating, and are easily moved or stored.