Stand Out In Your Industry with a Custom Outdoor Foam Sign

Making a great first impression and catching eyes is one of the most important parts of marketing a business. In an economy filled with clichéd statements and silly gimmicks trumpeting products and services, it takes more than simply existing to get through to people.

One of the best ways to get your name out in public is with a bold and attractive business sign in front of your store. Signs assist in building credibility by identifying your company as a member of the community. That sign will be something people see every day that eventually becomes a part of a town’s identity. Unfortunately, signs can be expensive after considering the materials, customization, and installation involved. To prevent poking holes in your business’ bottom line, while still getting a quality installation, turn to exterior foam signage.

Lightweight and created using incredibly efficient computer-controlled machinery, polystyrene craft foam signs are moisture resistant to prevent rotting from the elements, and are easy to coat and paint to further increase their durability. Best of all, foam signs can be customized and tailored to look like much costlier materials at a fraction of the cost. Once sealed, painting methods can mimic wood, marble, or any other building material. Die cut foam sign wording and logos can be created on CNC machines, and even 3-D designs or foam columns can be built by gluing multiple pieces together. When finished and installed, foam business signs will show your customers you’re a company of substance and help generate the kind of business you deserve.