Super Warm DIY Foam-Lined Clothing

In extreme environments and perilous situations, quick-thinking and creativity may be what people most need to get by, not a pre-packaged solution. While traditional parkas, fleece, and down-filled jackets fit the bill for shoveling the driveway or walking the dog, some individuals revel in pushing their boundaries with adventures few others would attempt.

For these adventurers, cold-weather endurance is one of the greatest measuring sticks of outdoor know-how and ability. Days and nights spent in freezing temperatures are dangerous, no matter your experience level. This makes picking the right equipment incredibly important, and to survive in areas where mass-produced apparel isn’t going to doesn’t get the job done, some enthusiasts have turned to creating their own survival gear, with open-cell foam sheeting as their secret insulating ingredient.

By those who swear by DIY foam clothing, open-cell cushioning foam is said to retain heat better than even the costliest apparel. Foam minimalizes heat transfer through the clothing, so while the body stays warm, the outside of the material doesn’t melt ice and snow around the wearer. This is very important, especially when sleeping or resting, because the moisture of melted snow can quickly get an individual sopping wet. Water draws heat away from the body quickly, which makes moisture dangerous, in addition to being simply uncomfortable.

Layering foam under breathable outer fabrics creates a protective layer that individuals claim dries quickly from generated body moisture, while retaining heat. This concept may be applied to custom, foam-padded sleeping bags as well, with the right cushion creating the same effect of warming you, but not the surrounding areas.

Most importantly, you should never place yourself in a potentially dangerous situation without the knowledge and preparation to confidently handle it. Also know that accidents can happen to even the most prepared individuals. But for those with the right combination of skills, custom foam-filled gear can help them push their limits.