Metal Stencils and the “Artist”

Artists are known for doing many things -from painting, sculpting, and drawing, to musicians, singers, and craftsmen, the list goes on and on. They can be young or they can be old. They can have one specialty or they can have multiple gifts. They can be famous or not yet discovered. They can be original or they can imitate the works of others. Nonetheless, artists come in all shapes and forms and there can be new artists discovered everyday having various talents that have never even been seen before.

Some artists use stencils to help them with their art. Some use plastic, wood, and even metal stencils to aid them with whatever it is they are making; from one of a kind pieces, to duplicates that can be sold to many. There are various colors of stencil ink that an artist or worker can use in order to design things. There are innumerable different colors in the world today, and artists use these various shades to create drama and add vivid detail to their works of art. Stencils can be used for painting, drawing, stitching, and even parking lot stencils help workers to design and outline parking lots for various businesses all over the world.

 Artists add color, uniqueness, and special things to our world. They allow people to express themselves and add decoration to anything one could want. Artists come in all types and forms and it is important to remember that many things are considered art in today’s society, and society needs to appreciate them for their contribution.

Plastic Boxes as Art

A teacher gave his sculpture students an assignment.  Create a piece using only one kind of material.  Some students chose to use wood, others saran wrap, and one student chose to use plastic.  This particular student was an environmentalist and wanted to show how plastic, a reusable material can be used in homes across the country and still be beautiful.  The student started off taking several plastic boxes and stacking them up to create a frame-like structure.  Three sides of this room she filled in, but the fourth side was left open so that people could look in, or walk around and enjoy her work.  The plastic was semi transparent, and created a mysterious but light atmosphere within the box.


She set up a dining room like atmosphere with a plastic table, and chairs, paired with plastic flowers in a plastic vase.  She had a diecast display cases made of plastic, displaying more plastic plates and silverware.  One the table she placed a plate with glass holder filled with plastic cups.  She decorated the walls with plastic picture frames. 


When she was finished, her teacher walked through and admired her work.  She had managed to make an entire room out of plastic.  The odd thing was, although it was slightly monochromatic with bright blasts of color, it looked like a normal house.  The student, with her art, had made a statement.  Recycling can be beautiful.  And it is not impossible to have a nice homemade art made out of completely recyclable material.      

Corporate Answering Services

Answering phones in an office setting can get tedious to say the least. Having multiple lines, different callers, and different topics needing to be discussed can just be overwhelming and lead to each customer calling not getting the attention and dedication they deserve when calling a business or enterprise. Therefore, that’s why having answering services in place can vastly improve and streamline an office’s ability to take and move calls to the proper location. Whether it be through actual humans answering the phone or an automated system that moves the caller through various switch statements, the benefits of this service can make customers and suppliers much happier to do business with any company of various sizes.

However, domestic call centers or answering services are sometimes not enough for the largest businesses in America. In some cases, especially for computer giants, using outsourced call centers can help increase productivity and cut costs; a great double win for businesses! While not economically feasible for smaller businesses, the ability to have workers perform the same task as American workers at a fraction of the price can truly save a business money and allow investment on other projects in development or research. Back on the domestic front, a physicians answering service can eliminate the need for multiple secretaries, and just have a single person at a time working the phone system to get callers to where they need to go. The benefits are many, the downsides are few, and getting an answering service has never been more affordable!