Bamboo Flooring Facts And Benefits

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When selecting proper flooring for your home you must carefully study each choice to find the best option available. The most common type of flooring you can purchase is hardwood, however, if you would want to save extra bucks but still get a durable one you may want to opt for quality bamboo flooring. For many years, bamboo floors have slowly gained popularity due to its affordability and benefits. Strand bamboo flooring is even sturdier than other types of hardwood flooring which is why more and more people are choosing to install this type of floor in their home.

Bamboo floors bring numerous benefits aside from being cost effective. Bamboo floors are generally treated and laminated to avoid moisture build ups that speeds up decay, with this stated, bamboo floors is one of the best options for home areas where water and moisture is normally present such as the kitchen and bathroom. Bamboos are also regenerative plants, thus, it would not cause any effect on its surrounding environment when a mature bamboo is harvested. Moreover, based on hardness charts, the bamboo is sturdier than most types of hardwood, making your investment truly worthwhile.

Quality Kitchen Remodeling Chicago Residents Have Raved About

If you are looking for kitchen remodeling Chicago residents have been raving about, you should look no further.  There are many remodeling contractors Chicago residents can choose from for a kitchen remodel, but very few are top of the line.  A new kitchen is a great addition to any home.

When you are deciding on the proper way to remodel the kitchen if your home, you have to make some key decisions in terms of what you want to do with the area.  You should start by looking at the different types of layouts that you have at your arsenal.  This includes whether or not you want something such as a kitchen island, if you want a single sink or a double sink, and so on.  Choosing countertops, whether you want granite, marble, cement, or something totally different, also requires your full attention.  At the end of the day, choosing the right contractor is all that really counts if you want to be sure that your kitchen is going to turn out perfect.  With a quality contractor by your side you can be sure that you are going to have the kitchen of your dreams built up in no time, so you can make that holiday feast you have dream about with great ease.

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Simple tips to sprucing up your home with Home Linen products.

Sprucing up your home can be as simple as added feather quilts in the master bedroom, treating yourself to a more comfortable room, or take the time to add mattress protectors in the guest and children bedrooms. Mattress protectors can help combat accidental spills or ‘accidents’ from potty training. Improving your home doesn’t have to be rebuilding walls or taking long complicated construction, you can go to a simple craft or furniture store and pick up things that will make your home look ten times better by focusing on some of the little things.

Adding new curtains to accent your walls can bring a room together, many locations on the internet can give you ideas of complimenting and contrasting colors. Changing out your curtain poles can also add a classier, more homely feel to your living room or sitting areas. Many people also post their ideas and what they’ve done on sites such as facebook and pinterest making finding inspiration much easier. Using new curtains can really change up even a white room, take a deep color curtain (red, blue, or any other favorite color) and add it to the windows, using pillows, blankets, and framed pictures of a similar color to help accent the room. Simple tips like these will turn a regular room into a work of art.

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Pad Home Surfaces for Safety

When you’re in your home, you should always feel safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, by virtue of the sheer amount of time we spend in our homes, it is also where we have the greatest potential for accidents. With the number of weekend projects, repairs, cooking, cleaning, and fixing that goes on in our homes, it’s pretty clear why there is such a substantial number of in-home accidents. Awareness is half the battle in preventing these things though, and one way to head accidents off at the pass is with foam safety products.

One of the home’s most perilous rooms is the basement, with less-than-ideal lighting, low ceilings, and exposed support beams. These are an open invitation for banged elbows, stubbed toes, and bumped heads. Rubber cushions in custom sizes, or thin, layered sheets offer a solution to the dangers present in your basement. This soft foam can be wrapped around support beams, ducts, and basement support poles. Another basement padding option is pre-cut polyurethane foam safety cylinders that easily slide over a pole for full protection.

For homes that have them, the fireplace is another area of the home that can be a location for accidental injuries. Not because of the fire, but from the hearth’s physical presence jutting into the room. Typically built from hard stone and/or brickwork, hearths can jut into walking areas with sharp edges that are dangerous to children and adults alike. Padding hearth edges with fire retardant foam can minimize the chances of an accidentally skinned shin, or the danger of a child falling and hitting their head. Typically built over a wooden frame for support and a hardware-free installation, these covers use protective foam densities that can be an addition to your décor as well.

Staying safe should always be a priority, and when we’re aware of the ways you can prepare, our homes become that much safer.