A Shopping Guide to Bed Covers

There are many types of bed covers but one of the most popular is a woven coverlet which is a design that is woven with colored yarn using a background of linen or cotton. Starting in the colonial era, woven coverlets were used in almost every community in theUnited States. This lasted until well into the latter part of the 19th century. When they first began in the colonial era, the colors used most often were dark blue but dark red, dark brown as well as lighter shades of blue were also used.


            A mattress protector is often used to keep the mattress clean or to prevent liquids, sweat and urine from ruining the mattress. Mattress protectors are also often referred to as a mattress pad. It usually sits on top or fits around the mattress and is removable and washable. Mattress pads are often a quilted fitted sheet or waterproof plastic mattress pads. Waterproof pads are commonly used under a fitted sheet in a babies crib.


            A table cloth is pretty self-explanatory in that it is a cloth that is used to cover the table. Tablecloths range from materials that are made of cotton to delicate fabrics such as silk. But pretty much any type of material can be used to create a tablecloth. There used to protect a table, usually a dining room table, from scratches and stains. Some tablecloths can just be thrown in the washer with other laundry items.

Experience the Benefits of Dry-Fast Foam

Do you love to relax on your patio or deck furniture but hate the mad scramble to bring them in the second it looks like it might rain? Have you experienced trouble finding the material for your boat cushions so they don’t get rotten and waterlogged? For these situations and many more, there exists a porous, quick-drying, antimicrobial foam that is often referred to as “dryfast foam.”

Foam for patio cushions needs to be able to handle the elements. Conventional foam absorbs water like a sponge and can be next to impossible to dry when wet. Once wet, conventional cushions quickly mold and rot, turning into something nobody wants to sit on. Fast-drying foam cushions outdoor and marine seats with a wide-celled, reticulated structure, designed to permit the flow of moisture and air to drain and dry quickly. While traditional foam cells barely measure a fraction of a millimeter, quick-drying foam has cells that are three, four or even five millimeters wide. That may not seem like much, but it is more than adequate to let the cushion drain water and dry by air.

Many of these fast-drying materials feature antimicrobial compounds in their structure so if anything is preventing air from drying the cushion, like a wet bathing suit or towel, there’s no worry over the cushion rotting. When covered in a breathable outdoor fabric, a foam cut to size cushion can be left out during a storm and won’t get waterlogged in a damp marine environment. If you need outdoor cushioning that is comfortable but durable, fast-drying foam is the foam for the job.

Home Builders in Los Angeles

Home builders in Los Angeles are contractors that are reputable in their field. You want to carefully select the contractor because your home is your number one expensive investment. If you choose someone who is not experienced and doesn’t have the expertise to take on the project that you want done to your home, you could end up spending two or three times more money than if you hired someone who was qualified for the job. So be sure to do your homework and choose your builder wisely.

             Los Angeles contractors should have expertise in more than one area. All homebuilders should have experience in design and building. You want to be sure that the company you choose has qualified contractors that have done everything from putting in the new floor to remodeling the kitchen to building an entire house from the ground up. The contractor should be qualified in home damage restoration. This is becauseCalifornia is known for earthquakes and mudslides.

             Luxury home builders are experienced in all aspects of building luxury yet affordable housing. You want to choose the company that has been in business for decades and has the reputation of the community to back up their work. You should choose contractors who are luxury home builders who finish the project on time and still stay well within your budget. Your home is your castle so the work done on your home should speak volumes to the company and contractors who performed the project.

Seagrass Furniture – An Alternative to Rattan

It sounds easy, but decorating your backyard with the proper furniture can be a very sophisticated task. First of all, you need to find the proper combination of chairs, tables, sofas and other similar parts. Think about the number of chairs. Their number will influence the right size and shape of your table. You can later improvise by bringing a few other parts, according to the available space and the utility you want your backyard to have. A rattan sofa can and will make the difference, but then you also have to pick rattan parts for the other sets. Otherwise, you will end up with an amalgam of colors and materials no one will appreciate.

When you rely on this material, you also need a rattan dining. In fact, it doesn’t matter what distance you get between the table and the sofa. The whole decor should still look like a whole and not like different areas. Getting the same aspect all over your backyard will also influence your mood and your feelings when you head out to relax with some music or a book.

The seagrass furniture is yet another useful option, since it also looks very natural. It is durable and available in various colors and models. Once you decide on the materials and sets, make sure you arrange them in an appropriate way. Have the barbecue far from the resting place, as well as the pool. Try to split the area according to your favorite activities. Avoid overlapping them.

Enjoy Your Patio with Outdoor Cushions

Whether you enjoy a quiet cup of tea or coffee first thing in the morning, sunning during the day by the pool, or unwinding on a cool summer evening, patio furniture can give you some of your most relaxing and enjoyable moments throughout the day. All patio furniture is not created the same however, and rigid surfaces covered with low-quality materials or worn-out furniture furnishings can force you back inside on even the nicest days due to discomfort.

A material designed to be used outdoors, featuring a self-drying cellular structure, is the perfect material for a patio furniture cushion, and that exists in the form of dry-fast foam. Water drains through the material and air is able to pass through and help dry the cushion. When covered in an aerating fabric such as Phifertex or Sunbrella Cushions, they can be left outside in all conditions, with the only real upkeep being an occasional rinse with a hose. If you want to maximize your outdoor enjoyment, selecting patio furniture that meets the same comfort requirements as your living room furniture is vital.

When we sit on the couch in our living room, the comfort is noticeable because we’re only focused on one or two things, with the primary goal being comfortable relaxation. On the patio or in the yard we’re grilling, keeping an eye on the kids and pets, tossing around the ball and getting in and out of the pool. When we’re finally able to whittle down our responsibilities is when we finally sit down to relax and take note of the chair’s comfort. Selecting high quality padding materials that can hold up to use without being uncomfortable, all while resisting the elements, is what will make that moment a relaxing one instead of a disappointment.

Enjoy the Water with Pool Accessories

During the dog days of summer, there are few things as inviting as going for a refreshing dip in the pool, lake, river or ocean. And whether you have a beachfront property or go to the public pool, there are plenty of water toys and accessories that can make a day on the water even more enjoyable.

The most ubiquitous of all water and pool accessories is the noodle. These foam rubber cylinder creations are fun for flotation and games. Typically made of polyethylene closed-cell foam, these tubes have a smooth outer surface that covers an interior that is non-absorbent and very buoyant. Made in many colors, these tubes can have almost limitless lengths and diameters as well. Some come with hollow cores and others are solid, but their only limit is the imagination of the user*.

If you are a parent looking to keep a watchful eye on children or simply prefer to relax near the pool but not in it, getting the right outdoor patio cushions is essential. A cheap, woven lawn chair or a sticky, plastic chaise lounger is going to get uncomfortable quickly, cutting down on the time you spend at the water. The answer to that is to outfit your seating with the perfect outdoor furniture cushion. The smartest way do this is with fast-drying outdoor foam, but any material can be used if enough precaution is taken to avoid damaging it. Cushions can be made for loungers, wicker chairs and outdoor benches that will provide you with the comfort you get on your couch inside. No matter where you go to cool off in the summer, there are plenty of ways to have fun and make it even more relaxing.

*Foam noodles are not intended to be used as a life-saving flotation device. They are exclusively recreational products.