Interim Managers: How They Have Enhanced the Business World

There has been a sudden marked increase in the number of companies looking into interim managers, instead of hiring permanent members of staff – many times due to budget cuts and hiring freezes. Many of these companies and businesses are looking for creative new ideas to get the job done. And, by hiring an interim manager, they will receive the experience of an individual that has been around numerous companies. By incorporating their business ideas and strategies, a company can exponentially grow. Interim managers are also being parachuted into businesses to take on large-scaled projects – many of them being at a senior level.


It’s already given that the hire of an interim manager can be beneficial for an organization for numerous reasons. They bring in the experience for an amount of time without adding to the head count. Also, they are coming from outside of the company, so their expertise can really tack on to the company’s plan. Additionally, they can also accelerate and bring a substantial amount of change.

The Search for an Interim

When you are bringing in an interim manager, it is crucial to find the right balance in order for your organization to maximize their rewards. It’s also important to remember that an interim is neither a manager nor a consultant, but is actually a multi-purpose specialist that can be used to solve different problems and situations. Many interim short term management services will list the specialties and expertise that their current pool has, allowing you to select one that is right for your business or organization. For instance, one may be a steel fabrication expert with experience in running a business.

It’s also very important that when you hire an interim and decide to go with that route, that you do not let them become too native in the business, which often happens when they are in the system for a long period of time.

An essential part of the hiring process comes from getting the initial contact right. Remember that interim managers are not only an extra set of hands, but they are also facilitators. There are numerous companies that use interim managers in the wrong way and manage them inappropriately. When this occurs, all the company is doing is providing a temporary fix. As soon as he or she leaves the business, things start going downhill all over again. If significant changes are being made by the interim, then be sure that those changes will stick, or else you may end up in a tough situation.
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