Quick Facts About Bamboo Floors

When looking for a new floor, you face more options than ever before. From ceramic tile to marble to carpet, each carries a wide variety of choices. One option many don’t know about is bamboo. The legendary East Asian material can be cut and modified to make flooring just as easily as traditional wood floor options are. If you’re interested in high quality bamboo flooring, keep reading for more information.

While it’s been used for thousands of years, here in the West bamboo has only been utilized for floors going on about a decade. In that time, however, the materials and techniques involved have been perfected. So you shouldn’t worry that by picking bamboo you’ll somehow be one of the first guinea pigs.

One of the many reasons people choose bamboo flooring is its durability. Obviously, the plant itself is renowned for how strong and tough it can be. But that being said, natural bamboo flooring, even with a finish over it, will still need regular care and maintenance just like any other option.

There are two main ways bamboo flooring is installed. You can either nail it down or glue it to the wood or concrete sub-floor below. The two options are very different and will ultimately affect how you prepare the sub-floor. As such, if you’re not particularly handy, it may be best to hire a professional.


Keeping Cool this Summer

When summer hits and temperatures rise, there is nothing better than knowing you have air conditioning ready to help keep you cool. Lacking this modern amenity can make spring, summer and even parts of fall thoroughly unenjoyable. Let’s review what your home needs to keep you cool and comfortable.

The easiest way to stay cool inside is with an air conditioning system that runs through the house and dispenses cool air through vents. With a few buttons pressed, your home can immediately be a cool reprieve from the hot outdoors.

If that’s not an option, you should consider portable ac units which will help keep your home cool one room at a time. In fact, even if you can afford or already have a home air conditioning system, you might want to consider the portable alternative. Often you can save money simply by cooling the room or rooms you’re in, rather than paying to have the whole place serviced.

While staying cool inside is great, it’s important to get outdoors as well. You have all winter to stay inside and avoid the merciless cold. With the right outdoor cooling unit, you can enjoy the great outdoors while keeping cool at the same time. Options include everything from misters to conventional fans and portable units designed to function outdoors. Just because the season says it needs to be hot doesn’t mean you have to be.


Article submitted by MovinCool. The company makes portable air conditioner products and is one of the largest advanced automotive technology, systems and components manufacturers on the planet.

Extended Vacations at Home

This guest post provided by Sensa.

You wake up today in your same old house with the same old fixtures, the same old furniture, and maybe you just thought to yourself, “I think I need a little change in my life.” You may opt to look for a short vacation just to get yourself away from it all, but who says that change has to be somewhere away from your home?

People don’t realize that a change in your living environment can drastically change the way you live your life, and it will definitely last much longer than a vacation. Some people like to spend their time in the kitchen and cooking up their own meals, kitchen remodeling would be perfect as replacing your old tools or just simply cooking in a different space can be enough change to revitalize you. Bathroom remodeling is also another popular choice as we spend a majority of our time doing our business in the bathroom. Your own home is a place where you can pamper yourself with life’s little luxuries, and why not make your vacation permanent, or at least until the next time you need a vacation.

The great thing about remodeling is that the process can be just as enjoyable as the result. Choosing what goes in and out of your living space can be an exercise of your creativity and taste. You get to choose what matches your personality, or you can get the things that you feel would make your life easier.

DIY Floor Heating

Floor heating is a dream many homeowners have, but few ever pursue. It’s a pity, because having electric floor heat greet your every step is one of the few joys you may get to experience during a frigid winter. However, thanks to modern technology, many homeowners might reconsider. Nowadays, floor heating can be handled without a skilled professional.

While you don’t need a professional, it’s best to have some DIY projects under your belt. But a basic understanding of wiring and experience tiling will come in handy. As with any projects involving electricity, it’s best to have an electric inspection agency take a look at your home before proceeding and give you any advice they have on the project.

That being said, handling the project on your own can make it extremely affordable. And what you get for your money, many would say, is invaluable. Imagine, for example, walking out of your shower and onto a nice warm floor. Or think about how nice it would be to take off your boots after shoveling the driveway and having a heated floor thaw your feet. These are modern amenities that everyone can now enjoy, thanks to DIY floor heating.

If you had previously put off heated floors because you thought the cost would be out of your budget, take another look. So long as you have some proficiency with renovation, heated floors could be an option.


Article submitted by RDPSoft Company. They have over 17 years of experience and can help you realize your dream of having a hydronic heating system in your home.

The Future of Washing Your Clothes is Compact

It would be tough to make it through modern life without our washing machines. For many of us, it’s almost impossible imagining what it would be like without them. But just because we need their services, doesn’t mean we have to put up with some of their shortcomings. Continue reading to find out the alternative way many people  dry their clothes (hint: it’s not by hanging them up in the sun).

One disadvantage to washing machines is how much room they need. They’re generally not an option for those of us who live in average-sized apartments. That’s why compact washing machines can be such a blessing. Even if you live in a studio apartment, these washing machines are an option.

Another great thing about their size is it makes them a portable washing machine. You certainly can’t travel with the conventional behemoths we’re all used to.

As they’re so small, they can also only take on small loads. But to many of us this is a real advantage. How many times have you found yourself in need of an outfit to be cleaned, but didn’t have a load big enough to justify using the washing machine? So you either have to waste money and water on the one outfit or simply decide to wear something else.

The future of getting your clothes clean is here with smaller washing machines that can produce the same results with far less resources.  _____________________________________________________________________

Article submitted by The Laundry Alternative. They sell small washing machine models as well as other alternatives to conventional washers and dryers.

The Two Types of Medallions

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see a medallion used in home décor, you know how stunning it can be. Often it even takes you by surprise. But depending on which kind you saw, you might not be aware the other exists. Keep reading to find out about medallions that are used in floors and for backsplashes.

A floor medallion is probably the most common one you’ll see. It’s generally a geometric design inside a circle or square made out of tile, marble or even hardwood. Generally, the materials used to make a floor medallion are the same as the ones that were used on the rest of the floor. So, for example, you don’t often see a marble medallion resting I a hardwood floor.

The other type is a backsplash medallion. These medallions are perfect for taking a functional feature everyone needs, a backsplash in their kitchen, and making it stand out as decoration. When used as backsplashes, medallions are often made out of tile to make cleaning them easy and giving them the durability they need.

 A third medallion could be considered wall medallions. Unlike the other two, however, these generally aren’t inlayed into the material. Instead, they’re simply a geometric design made out of one of the common materials that hangs on a wall like a portrait. Although they may not be the traditional kind of medallion, they still look great.


Article submitted by Medallion Depot. The online store specializes in marble floor medallions as well as those made out of other materials.

Make Your Own Boat Trailer Foam Pads

Incredibly resilient, buoyant, non-absorptive, and carve-able, cross-linked polyethylene closed-cell foam is a natural fit for marine and nautical applications.

Routinely made into custom kayak seats, cross-linked PE (XLPE) can be carved and even sanded into a one-of-a-kind seat that gives users an incredible degree of control and comfort in their vessel. These seats are carved from blocks, but XLPE is also made into sheets of varying thicknesses, meaning additional padding in a kayak is possible.

Also made into dock padding to prevent damage from boats, XLPE has a boating application out of the water as well. For DIY boat trailer pad replacement, XLPE is the perfect material.

Resistant to breakdown from water and incredibly strong, this foam type will absorb vibrations during transit, pad the boat gently, and firmly hold it in place. Simply put, it’s the perfect blend of strength and softness. Sculptable just like a kayak seat, people can trim and carve this material to whatever size and shape they need when they have to replace their trailer pads. This foam is easily shaped with sharp blades, sawing tools, and even sandpaper for the finest adjustments. XLPE is non-scratching so it won’t damage boats, and can be wrapped in whatever covering fabric the owner desires as well.

A trailer pad replacement needs to be durable, non-absorptive, padding, and strong – XPLE qualifies on all of those points.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, a leading source for closed-cell foam online, including cross-linked polyethylene, neoprene, and polystyrene.