How to Fill a Tall Room

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Summary: The extra space that a tall room gives can be great but figuring out how best to utilize it can be puzzling.


Few people would prefer less space over more space in their house. However, when given a high ceiling you might be wondering what you can actually do with it. More horizontal space means more space for furniture, but what exactly can you do with more vertical space?


The extra vertical space could be used as a good opportunity to add more character to your house. If the space is left untouched, it unfortunately can leave the room feeling empty and bare, even if the rest of the room is furnished.


Hang Lights from the Ceiling


An effective method of making a room with a high ceiling feel fuller is to take advantage of the extra height. Hanging a large light from the ceiling can tie the room together and make good use of space that would otherwise be left untouched. A chandelier that comes down over a table can add light to the room and highlight a focal point. By using the vertical space to add another light source we can free up some ground space for more furniture or we can simply leave it open to make the room more spacious.


Place the Drapes High


If you have windows in the tall room you want to decorate, there is a possibility there are already drapes surrounding them. Even if the windows do not go all the way to the top of the ceiling, you should still hang your drapes from the top for a dramatic appearance. The concept of having drapes that go above the upper edge of the windows might feel bizarre, but the opposite can have a negative effect on the overall feel of a room. If there is too much room between the drapes and the top of the ceiling, that exposed space will feel empty and incomplete.


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The basics of painting wicker furniture

Written by Wicker Paradise

One of the advantages when you buy wicker furniture is that you can paint it whenever you remodel or want a change. Wicker takes color well and if painted regularly will last you longer. Here is a step-by-step guide to the basics of painting wicker furniture:


Firstly remove any and all flaking paint. You can do this with a wire brush. Scrape off as much as you can. In some cases you can even use a home high-pressure car washer to blast the paint off, though this only applies to rattan reed furniture.

Once the flaking paint has come off, you need to apply a primer. For both indoor and outdoor wicker furniture apply two coats of an oil based wood primer. You can either spray it on or use a good natural bristle brush.

Once the primer has dried you can apply the paint. For the best finish use a compressor and apply two coats of semi gloss house paint. This paint adheres to wicker well and is durable. Latex paint is also an option, though it does not last as long and is prone to flaking.

Remember to take general safety precautions when painting. Wear safety goggles and a facemask when applying both the primer and the paint. Paint in a well-ventilated area and not in a small-enclosed space. While the compressor is the recommended way to apply paint, if you only have one piece to paint, then using a spray is a good alternative. Generally spray cans are not recommended when painting multiple pieces is due to the wasted paint from the over-spray and it can be costlier.

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Four Items Every Poolside Patio Requires


Having a pool can be a huge selling point for your home in the future, as well as a gathering place for your family in the present. A nicely kept pool area is attractive and inviting. It’s also safer, without a lot of clutter to trip people up. Some states even make it illegal to keep a cluttered pool area or maintain a backyard without fences.


Every patio needs good furniture to make the ambiance complete. Lounges made of wicker tend to stand up well to all four seasons, and they resist sun fading too. Grab some extra cushions for padding to lounge about all day. It’s a good idea to have an umbrella, with stand, if you don’t have natural trees or brush providing shade and coverage.


With all of your extra cushions and accessories, you’ll want some decent storage to keep everything neat. A large plastic crate will usually do the trick, and they styled to look modern as well. These crates snap shut, and they are large enough to store everything from pool supplies to cushions and toys.


Fencing is a good safety precaution to take, especially if you have small children in the home. Fencing protects these children from accidental drowning by falling into the pool. Plus, you can easily separate your backyard grass area from the pool.


A new sliding glass door can let the light into your living room while providing access to the backyard. A wider doorway is an excellent upgrade for home owners who like to barbecue, especially if you shuttle plates of food in and outside frequently.

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