Interim Managers: How They Have Enhanced the Business World

There has been a sudden marked increase in the number of companies looking into interim managers, instead of hiring permanent members of staff – many times due to budget cuts and hiring freezes. Many of these companies and businesses are looking for creative new ideas to get the job done. And, by hiring an interim manager, they will receive the experience of an individual that has been around numerous companies. By incorporating their business ideas and strategies, a company can exponentially grow. Interim managers are also being parachuted into businesses to take on large-scaled projects – many of them being at a senior level.


It’s already given that the hire of an interim manager can be beneficial for an organization for numerous reasons. They bring in the experience for an amount of time without adding to the head count. Also, they are coming from outside of the company, so their expertise can really tack on to the company’s plan. Additionally, they can also accelerate and bring a substantial amount of change.

The Search for an Interim

When you are bringing in an interim manager, it is crucial to find the right balance in order for your organization to maximize their rewards. It’s also important to remember that an interim is neither a manager nor a consultant, but is actually a multi-purpose specialist that can be used to solve different problems and situations. Many interim short term management services will list the specialties and expertise that their current pool has, allowing you to select one that is right for your business or organization. For instance, one may be a steel fabrication expert with experience in running a business.

It’s also very important that when you hire an interim and decide to go with that route, that you do not let them become too native in the business, which often happens when they are in the system for a long period of time.

An essential part of the hiring process comes from getting the initial contact right. Remember that interim managers are not only an extra set of hands, but they are also facilitators. There are numerous companies that use interim managers in the wrong way and manage them inappropriately. When this occurs, all the company is doing is providing a temporary fix. As soon as he or she leaves the business, things start going downhill all over again. If significant changes are being made by the interim, then be sure that those changes will stick, or else you may end up in a tough situation.
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Cost Benefit Analysis: Construction Consultants Versus Flying Solo

If you’re managing an arena construction project, and the owner demands a new staircase and entryway added to the plans as construction is underway that can cause major delays. Those delays carry big dollar signs and serious risk with them. A solo project manager may not be adequately equipped to deal with every potential problem that delay could cause. Construction consulting is always an option, but concerns on cost might lead some project managers astray. Don’t let yourself get into this situation.

Before you consider going solo, run this quick analysis to find out if you know everything you need to know to navigate a crisis like this.


Inspection is a must during a situation like this. Will you have time to get city inspectors out to the job site, and can you work around their needs? Those aren’t easy tasks when you try to make safety the number one priority. If you decide to skip the inspection, you’re breaking the law. That can carry significant consequences if you’re working on a project like an arena.


Does your project manager have room in his schedule for the overtime needed to complete the change. If not, you’ll need to hire a secondary crew to come in and work that job. They’ll have foremen on the ground, but no one to manage their efforts. Construction consulting services handle some of that work on the ground, so you can focus your efforts on navigating the immediate scenario.


Consultants are better equipped to handle delays, and can be of great benefit even when things are running smoothly. Consultants achieve their status because they are growth hackers. They understand how to maximize down time and improve production.


Another benefit to consultants is accountability, which is really a benefit to manager and building owner. Both sides are protected when every transaction is properly documented. This is one of those services you don’t know you need until you’re facing litigation. That’s when you’ll be glad that your consultant took the time to file all paperwork and verify materials shipped. If your consultant is an expert in materials, like structural steel, they may even help cut costs on ordering from different suppliers.

Final Verdict

If you have all of these situations handled, then a consultant isn’t necessary. It’s just not likely that a crew is prepared for every potential problem that may crop up. If delays are making your project challenging, a consultant can help you.
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When to Hire a Construction Consultant

Summary: A construction consultant is useful for commercial construction projects.

A construction consultant fulfills an important role, but hiring one isn’t viable for every project. You won’t need a consultant when you make an addition to your home, but something that will take longer than a month to coordinate will require outside help. There are several advantages to securing a consultant, so hiring one should be considered before you begin commercial projects.


Planning Phase

Construction advisory services excel at helping companies plan large projects. Their job is to assess the personnel, materials and needs on the ground to develop a plan that all parties can agree to. They take into account weather and other factors that affect your project, and they have suggestions on methods to reduce costs as well.

Consultants can handle everything from materials acquisition to claims analysis during disputes. Those who are experienced can also act as expert witnesses, able to testify to the conditions on the ground after a thorough review of a dispute.

Mediation and Disputes

A construction consultant can also act as the mediator in a dispute that arises during a construction project. Their knowledge in the field of construction makes them ideal parties to help find a resolution for professional disputes, as they can accurately assess the level of fault attributed to both parties.

They can also testify to the quality of materials used, which is important in disputes that arise after projects are completed. Faulty steel doesn’t show signs of wear until a few years after the project is closed out, so witnesses are needed to verify whether the degradation of materials is natural.


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Avoid Legal Issues in Pool Construction

Written by Lyle Charles

There are all kinds of issues that face any construction project. From dealing with suppliers to contractors to the unions to even the customer, if you want to bring the build in under deadline, you’re going to have quite the challenge ahead of you. The good news is that, if you know what you’re doing, it doesn’t have to be an issue. Even if you don’t, the right construction claims consultant can help you handle things the best way possible.

Take pool construction, for example. It’s definitely popular. But that doesn’t mean it’s an easy thing to do. Building pools come with all kinds of issues, many of them legal. You could land yourself in all kinds of trouble if you have anything to do with building a pool that doesn’t meet every little last detail of different ordinances (there are always too many to count).

That’s where a consultant can come in handy. Having that extra pair of eyes going over everything means you know the pool you’re building is both safe and legal. As a result, you get a happier customer and more repeat business.


Construction projects involve too many moving parts to go at it alone, which is why so many companies in your situation rely on Lyles Charles. Aside from being a reputable a construction claims expert, Mr. Charles is experienced in all facets of the construction industry and can lend his knowledge to help get yours the results you desire.

Three Simple DIY Furniture Projects

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Are you looking for a simple do-it-yourself furniture project? DIY projects are a lot of fun because they are affordable, require little materials, and can usually be done in a day or two at most. This is especially true when it comes to DIY furniture projects.

If you have old, worn out furniture, it’s easy to transform the look and quality without spending a lot of time and money.  Whether you’re new to DIY furniture projects or a professional, get inspired with these simple DIY furniture projects.

New Couch Cushions

Is your sofa feeling uncomfortable? It might be the cushions! Instead of buying a new couch, consider transforming your sofa with new cushions. How? It’s easy with the right foam. This DIY project shouldn’t take you more than a day, but if you’re new to using foam it might take two.

Custom foam cushions are an affordable, simple, and fast way to update your old sofa. But not just any cushions will do. Visit a foam company and purchase foam designed for sofas and couches. Next, find the right size foam. Some companies sell foam in all shapes and sizes. But you can also purchase large sheet and cut the foam to the right size. After you’ve purchase sofa foam replacement, you can really transform your couch by buying new fabric for the cushions.

Comfortable Dog Beds

Store-bought dog beds can cost hundreds of dollars. But why spend a lot of money on a bed that is sure to get destroyed? Instead, create your own dog bed using foam. This DIY project shouldn’t take more than a few hours. Foam comes in a variety of types, making it easy to find one that meets your needs and budget. If you have an old dog or a pet with arthritis, you can also purchase memory foam. Cut the foam to the size and shape you desire, which should accommodate the size of your dog. Once you find the right foam, we recommend buying a twill cover. Although not removable, a twill cover can be easily spot cleaned. You can also add a cover on top of the cover, one with a zipper that is also machine-washable.

Mattress Makeover

Does your mattress need an update? Instead of buying a new mattress, it’s easy to update your current one using foam. There are many different types of foam mattress toppers on the market that are affordable and simple to use. Visit your favorite foam retailer to find the right type of topper for your needs. It’s also important to purchase the right size.
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Pick the Right Cushions for Nautical Use

If provided with the opportunity, few things are better than spending a warm summer day on the water, relaxing on a boat with friends or family. But as anybody who has owned or used personal watercraft knows, the elements can take quite a toll on these things. Sun, heat and humidity are all detrimental factors and some of the most damage-prone areas on watercraft are the soft seats and cushions that make boating so enjoyable. It takes a special kind of material to stand up to use as boat pads but by implementing the right materials, these cushions can offer a long and enjoyable life to their users.

There are two primary kinds of materials that should be considered for use as boat foam cushions. One is open-celled quick-drying foam. This material is specially engineered with very wide cells that drain moisture and allow the passage of air to dry the foam’s interior. The best quick-drying materials also include an antimicrobial additive in the formula to ensure that any moisture unable to immediately evaporate does not cause rot and damage the material. When used in boat cushions or even a marine bed¸ these materials should be paired with a breathable outdoor covering fabric that allows air to dry the material. Regular open-cell foams are absorbent and prone to waterlogging and rotting over time, even when encased in a waterproof material. Moisture will always find a way in over time, through seams or tiny punctures in covers, leading to ruined cushions.

The other option, perfect for vinyl covered seats, is gym rubber. This closed-cell material is non-absorbent and water resistant in addition to being antimicrobial, three ideal traits for long-term use in a marine environment. Gym rubber is firm enough for stable seating but soft enough for comfortable enjoyment. Either option is a smart choice for outfitting your boat and can ensure years of on-the-water enjoyment.

Business and Fun at the Poconos Family Resorts

 Whether it is summer or winter, the Poconos family resortsof northeastern Pennsylvania are always a popular, fun choice for every member of your family. Each season of the year brings exquisite, thrilling activities that can be enjoyed in the beautiful, picturesque setting of the Pennsylvania Mountains. In the winter, enjoy the snowy winter land that is the Poconos. From skiing to snowboarding, adventure seekers of all over flock to the Poconos Mountains’ snowy slopes. Apart from snowing and skiing, guests enjoy the unique opportunity to sled with snow dogs. Furthermore, guests can go snowshoeing, ice-skate, or go tobogganing on the snowy hills. For the warmer months, guests have an endless selection of outdoor activities.

The Skytop Lake allows for many different opportunities for guests to enjoy the water. Fishing, boating, swimming, canoeing, and kayaking are some of the many options the lake holds for vacationers. The thirty miles of trails is another source for varied entertainment. Guests may choose to hike or bike the rustic trails while taking in the beautiful setting of the renowned mountains. The ropes course forces guests to push their limits as they brave the heights of the adventure course, zip line, and rock wall. Apart from these activities, guests may also enjoy traditional sports such a tennis, lawn bowling, and golf.

For those seeking to combine fun with business, the Poconos meeting facilities provides companies the ability to handle business while treating company members and clients to the luxury of the Poconos resorts. These meeting facilitates are used by professionals from all over the world.

Designing a School Playground: What a Planner Must Consider

Before you ever see the final design of a playground, months of city and school planning go into preparing the area, and things from setting up the ground to hiring an inspector to surveying the location for the playground itself occur. For a school or park planner, planning the design of the playground can present several issues, from deciding where to place restrooms to how large the parking lot will be for parents. Each decision involves consequences and restrictions that a professional must consider.

Playground Area

Chances are you are not an inspector certified to decide where a good location will be for a playground, which is why most people will contact a professional. A pro will tell you the best location—a flat surface with suitable soil for draining and supporting the playground. To the untrained eye, most surfaces appear flat, but a surveyor will tell you for sure and describe how your soil may or may not be suitable for holding a playground. Planning out where the play area will be will typically be the first step, as the playground’s location will determine where the restroom, lights and fencing may go.


Design within the current landscape or around it? Those are your options. You can design a playground around a tree with plenty of shade, or remove the tree and allow for an open, uninterrupted environment. Of course, the professional surveyor will recommend whether you should keep certain brush or trees close to the playground or not, but it is strictly up to you.


If you are designing a school playground, chances are the restroom will be fairly close to the playground. For a park, designers do not need to put restrooms nearby. Some cities and towns will require the playground to be within a certain distance of a restroom, others will not. You may put the restroom wherever you see fit (but within a certain distance of the playground if your town or city requires it).

Parking Lot

One requirement all planners will have to take into consideration is the parking lot. According to the ADA, all playgrounds must be connected to the parking lot. Unfortunately, you cannot get around this requirement.


Some playgrounds look nice with fencing, and others do not. Some parks do need fencing to keep kids from running out into the street. The only types of playground sets that do require fencing are those within areas where high volumes of traffic pass by.

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Need Ice Cream Shop Supplies?

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If you are planning to start an ice cream shop, the first thing that you have to do is make a list of things that you will need to run your shop.  Some of the most important things are an actually building, as well as all of the paper products that you are going to use to hold the ice cream, as well as all plastics that you might need, such as spoons and other types of ice cream shop supplies. 


Once you have a good idea of everything that you need to purchase – or rent – in order to make your dream a reality, then it’s time to add everything up and see what kind of money you are talking about spending, because really what everything comes down to is the money – you have to have a budget in order to run even a semi successful business.  You also need to take into consideration how much money you will be making with your business, so that you can make sure that you will have all of your gelato cups and spoons ready when your customers come through the door for the first time. 


Having a budget will allow you to know not only how much money you have, and therefore how much you have to spend, but also how much profit you are likely to make, and therefore how much money you can assume that you will end up making back if you decide to spend extra money on tasting spoons and take out a loan.

Why Go To the Poconos

The Pocono Mountains are the best bet for a holiday if you come from New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia or Baltimore. They are easily accessible and there are a lot of things to do. Whole families can go on vacation in one of Pocono family resorts. They are safe and near transport networks and emergency facilities. The Poconos are a vacation paradise all year around. During winter you can go skiing, in the summer you can go hiking and you could hunt and fish in the fall while seeing some of the most beautiful places in the wild.

Business executives who have a tight schedule but would like a breather can always try out Pocono meeting facilities. There are great opportunities to have conferences, brainstorming sessions and team building events. Firms will find a very good option for team events in the Poconos. With the close proximity to major urban centers in the north east US, the Poconos are an affordable option for business firms looking for a team building venue. Having business in the wild will no doubt see a rise in enthusiasm and productivity.

If you look around carefully, there is bound to be an affordable package for your vacation in the Pocono Mountains. Some packages will bundle activities like skiing, fishing, and hunting sessions into a period like a week or several days. This will ensure you get the maximum value for money. For those ne to the wild, the Poconos will offer a fresh experience to look forward to again.

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