Ideas for Refinishing a Door

Refinishing a door is one of the most satisfying and achievable projects that anyone can do. Even the most originally beautiful wood door will suffer after years of facing the elements. With pre-planning and assembly of tools you need, plan to start early and enjoy the fruits of your labor by late afternoon to early evening. Ask a friend to help in taking the door down to refinish it. Some doors are quite large and heavy! Here are some ideas for refinishing a door:


Consider your hands, eyes, and skin before starting a refinishing project. Make sure you’ve got goggles, rubber gloves, and a long-sleeved shirt and long pants to wear.

Plan to use a work bench or a couple of sawhorses to stabilize the door while you’re refinishing it.

Remove stain or old paint

Start with a light coat of remover. A two-inch bristle paint brush should work well. Wipe remover from the edge of the door as you apply it. Some removers drip. Paint removers shouldn’t be allowed to dry so, as the solution is absorbed by the wood, continue to apply more until the wood is visible. Most paint removers should perform the job in about thirty minutes. Use a scrubbing brush to remove any finish that isn’t automatically dissolved in this step.

Sand, stain, and seal the wood

Use fine grit sand paper to remove all traces of the finish. Then, use a natural stain to restore the beauty of the wood. Use a foam brush, working one section at a time. Wipe any excess with a paper towel, rubbing in the wood grain direction. If applying urethane to add shine, do this right away. The stain doesn’t need to dry first. Optionally, use stencils or appliques to give your door a custom look.

Rehang the door

The results of your handiwork are complete, so it’s best to ask your friend for assistance in rehanging the door. Then, stand back and admire your work!


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Cushions for your outdoor furniture

Written by Carlo Badalamenti

If you’re looking to put outdoor furniture in your home for your patio or backyard, you will need to have cushion fillingthat is able to withstand increased wear and tear due to exposure in the outdoors. Before you buy outdoor furniture, you must first have to make sure that you do not get furniture that has regular foam in them. By doing so, you would be buying furniture that would be left helpless to the elements such as rain, moisture, or even snow. That means that if weather conditions turn bad, you would not be able to use your furniture for an extended period of days due to cleaning and drying them up. This would result to a very bad investment as well as changes in whatever plans that you may have. Having outdoor furniture that’s not built for the outdoors is just a waste of money, and that throws out all your plans of hosting outdoor dinner parties, picnics, and get togethers that will definitely center on your outdoor furniture as the place where you would be receiving your guests. The most vulnerable item in your outdoor furniture is your cushions. And that’s exactly the reason why you need to have cushions that are dryfast or would not be as susceptible to moisture or water as normal cushions would. With that being said, buy smart, and make sure you know exactly what it is you’re buying before you commit to anything. All it takes is just a few questions to a store clerk.


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