Why your vacation home rental property should have a swimming pool

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When it comes to vacation homes, luxury vacation home rentals cater to a specific part of the market. People who are willing to invest in a luxury rental want to have the most relaxing, blissful vacation experience possible, and they’re willing to pay top dollar for it. Pleasing these renters isn’t just a matter of providing the essential amenities, such as Wi-Fi access, a working kitchen, clean bathrooms, and toiletries. You’ll need something special to appeal to them, and a swimming pool is a perfect feature for that.

Statistics from OVH 360 show that a private pool can be a crucial factor in swaying potential renters to choose your property. As long as you’re willing to maintain your pool and keep it clean, it can be a valuable asset for your vacation home property. You might have to spend more money on pool installation and maintenance, but this will also allow you to reasonably raise your rental rates because of the added value the pool provides.

You’ll also need to make sure your pool is safe and secure to prevent any unfortunate mishaps. Make sure your gate or fence is high enough to keep strangers from using it and make sure to eliminate any safety hazards that might endanger your renters. You’ll want to avoid losing money by way of a lawsuit if you become responsible for your renters’ injuries.

Once you’ve finished adding a private pool to your rental home, it’s time to have your property listed. If you own a luxury vacation home in the San Juan Islands, be sure to visit San Juan PM to list your rental. San Juan PM will help maintain your rental home, screen potential clients, and market your home to interested parties.


How to prepare a hot tub for a vacation home rental

Blog provided by San Juan PM

A hot tub is one vacation home amenity that can result in more guests and higher rental rates. Some guests are so enthusiastic about hot tubs that it can sway their decision to choose one rental home over another. If you want to increase your profits by installing a hot tub, here are a few things you should do to prepare your tub for visitors.

Add signs

Some guests may not know how to behave when using your hot tub unless you provide a list of things they need to avoid. If you don’t want your guests bringing food into the tub or removing water from it, make sure those things are written on a sign they can easily see.

Add extra filters or purifiers

If many different people are going to be using your hot tub, it would be in your best interest to make sure the water is as clear and clean as possible as extra protection against dirt, bacteria, sweat, and other potentially harmful elements that can come from the human body.

Set up regular cleaning and maintenance

Filters certainly help, but there is no substitute for regular cleaning and necessary maintenance procedures such as shock treatment (adding chlorine to clear up contaminants) and draining your hot tub to get rid of contaminated water. Don’t wait too long for cleaning and maintenance, as this could cause bacteria to build up inside your hot tub. Be proactive and attentive in the maintenance of your hot tub and your guests will thank you for it.

Whether you want to browse luxury vacation home rentals or list your own property for rent, San Juan PM is one of the preeminent rental services for vacation homes in the San Juan Islands. Contact them today for more details.

The benefits of a vacation home

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Travelers all over the world are now looking to rent a vacation home instead of booking a resort or a hotel. This change is an increasing trend according San Juan PM, and looks to be accelerating.

The main reason for the people looking for an alternate to hotels and resorts is that they have a more economical option of renting a vacation home. Nowadays, it is difficult to plan elaborate holidays, especially with large families. Vacation homes can be a cheaper or more effective accommodation as more the number of people renting the home, the less will be the overall cost of per person. Therefore, it is an ideal option for large families.

Your vacation home in San Juan Island will provide complete privacy, which is not possible in the hotels. You have the absolute freedom to use the space in any way, making your stay at the vacation homes quite comfortable and homely. You have access to a fully equipped kitchen, living room, spacious bedrooms, terrace and other facilities. This could prove to be beneficial in the case of big families, especially with children.

Moreover, vacation homes are quite safe and provide a secure environment. This is one of the most important factors that people look for when renting the homes.

Vacations can prove to be a memorable experience if it is planned well and renting a vacation home can make a good holiday an amazing one.