Why your vacation home rental property should have a swimming pool

Blog provided by San Juan PM

When it comes to vacation homes, luxury vacation home rentals cater to a specific part of the market. People who are willing to invest in a luxury rental want to have the most relaxing, blissful vacation experience possible, and they’re willing to pay top dollar for it. Pleasing these renters isn’t just a matter of providing the essential amenities, such as Wi-Fi access, a working kitchen, clean bathrooms, and toiletries. You’ll need something special to appeal to them, and a swimming pool is a perfect feature for that.

Statistics from OVH 360 show that a private pool can be a crucial factor in swaying potential renters to choose your property. As long as you’re willing to maintain your pool and keep it clean, it can be a valuable asset for your vacation home property. You might have to spend more money on pool installation and maintenance, but this will also allow you to reasonably raise your rental rates because of the added value the pool provides.

You’ll also need to make sure your pool is safe and secure to prevent any unfortunate mishaps. Make sure your gate or fence is high enough to keep strangers from using it and make sure to eliminate any safety hazards that might endanger your renters. You’ll want to avoid losing money by way of a lawsuit if you become responsible for your renters’ injuries.

Once you’ve finished adding a private pool to your rental home, it’s time to have your property listed. If you own a luxury vacation home in the San Juan Islands, be sure to visit San Juan PM to list your rental. San Juan PM will help maintain your rental home, screen potential clients, and market your home to interested parties.