Four Items Every Poolside Patio Requires


Having a pool can be a huge selling point for your home in the future, as well as a gathering place for your family in the present. A nicely kept pool area is attractive and inviting. It’s also safer, without a lot of clutter to trip people up. Some states even make it illegal to keep a cluttered pool area or maintain a backyard without fences.


Every patio needs good furniture to make the ambiance complete. Lounges made of wicker tend to stand up well to all four seasons, and they resist sun fading too. Grab some extra cushions for padding to lounge about all day. It’s a good idea to have an umbrella, with stand, if you don’t have natural trees or brush providing shade and coverage.


With all of your extra cushions and accessories, you’ll want some decent storage to keep everything neat. A large plastic crate will usually do the trick, and they styled to look modern as well. These crates snap shut, and they are large enough to store everything from pool supplies to cushions and toys.


Fencing is a good safety precaution to take, especially if you have small children in the home. Fencing protects these children from accidental drowning by falling into the pool. Plus, you can easily separate your backyard grass area from the pool.


A new sliding glass door can let the light into your living room while providing access to the backyard. A wider doorway is an excellent upgrade for home owners who like to barbecue, especially if you shuttle plates of food in and outside frequently.

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Swimming Pool Accessories

Swimming Pool Accessories

Swimming Pool Accessories

There are many Swimming Pool Accessories and will take too long to list all of them out here, i will list a few out to give you a rough idea of the essential things you can get. They vary between the ones you need ot maintain and keep your pool looking good and the fun stuff, like waterfalls, games etc.

Important Swimming Pool Accessories

Pool Heater
This is a fantastic accessory that allows you to use the pool during those cold days and nights. Swimming around in a warmed pool is a fantastic feeling and its not something i can do without anymore

Pool Chlorinators
Another important peice of kit you should have is a pool chlorinator. It disperses chloring througout the pool over a period of time and keeps your pool safe and clean for use.

Fun Swimming Pool Accessories

What is a pool without a floating lounger to let you soak up the sun and enjoy the water as well. To me a lounger is one of the must have swimming pool accessories and ive spent hours floating around on reading and soaking up the sun.

Swimming Pool Slides
Having a slide is a must have if you have young kids who can really enjoy. It is a lot of fun and they will spend hours and hours on it.

These can be a little expensive and might not always go with the design of your pool but having one can will mean you can have that very relaxing sound of water all the time.

Game Posts
Two posts on either side of your swimming pool which lets you setup a net for various games like vollyball and the like.

If your are planning on building a pool, take the cost of these swimming pool accessories into account when you are budgeting.