Researching Stencil Suppliers

There are many different kinds of stencils, so when deciding that you want to stencil something, it is important that you choose the correct type of stencil for the materials you will be using. Sandblast stencils are made of thick and durable rubber backing which is made to protect the stone on which you will be stenciling when working with this type of delicate material. Other types of stencils can be made from metal or plastic.


When looking for stencil suppliers, you should first consider the type of stenciling that you will be doing. Will you be stenciling into delicate materials, and in search of sandblasting stencils? If that is the case, you should be sure to locate a stencil supplier that can manufacture this particular type of stencil. Another question to ask yourself when looking for a supplier is whether you need the stencil to be customized. If there is a particular phrase, name or logo that you want to stencil, you will need to find a supplier that can make custom stencils to order. However, if you just want a standard stencil, you will be able to find one of these more easily.


A final question to ask is how many times will you use the stencil? If you will only be using it once or twice, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, while on the other hand, if it is something you will use a lot, you may want to consider getting something of higher quality and durability that will last.

Only an Ice Cream Cup Away from Owning a Successful Business

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Who doesn’t dream of owning an ice cream parlor? Well that dream may be a little closer than you think, and all you need to get there is some helpful advice.  Let’s start with some of the basic things you will need.   The first thing you need to do when starting an ice cream shop is to write a business plan that includes a fairly details budget.  But don’t get frustrated yet – the fun things like buying ice cream tasting spoons and watching people enjoy your wares are only days away.

 Your business plan budget should account for things like set up and installation charges, as well as any initial costs of the business before you turn a profit.  If you are unsure of what exactly you need to put into a budget, don’t be afraid to ask other people already involved in the industry for their advice.  The advice of someone who has been doing what you want to begin to do can be invaluable.  

 Next you will need to think about things like location, and types of ice cream you would like to sell.  Are you interested in selling ice cream for a larger franchise or do you prefer to sell home-made recipes?  Once you make a decision, you must then acquire all necessary permits that your state requires and launch a marketing plan.  This is the fun part – you get to watch people come in to sample your products, using ice cream cups and ice cream spoons with your logo on them.  Congratulations on your successful business!

Phone Answering Services – Outsource to Save Money!

One of the biggest advantages of being a very large company is the professional image that the company can give. With ‘in your face’ advertising, upscale corporate offices, and a full team of support employees it will be very obvious that the company is doing well and might just inspire prospective clients to become actual clients. For the smaller businesses it might be a good idea to look into online phone answering services.

These services are sort of like outsourcing your entire call center which could conceivably be a very smart move. Having a team that is dedicated to answering all of your customer’s phone calls is great, especially if you provide the necessary information to ensure that they are trained well. The reason this is cheaper than hiring your own team is because not only do they service your company, they will service other companies. These individuals work the same 8 hour days but are shared between many companies – deferring the cost considerably.

There is a lot of information available on the internet about a telephone answering service. A simple google search will provide you with many different links and websites to get a good idea of the different costs associated with them and what type of service you can expect. If you are interested in giving your company a better image right off the bat then this might be for you.

Make your Classroom Fun with a Fingerprint Kit

Most people believe that education is the most important tool that an individual can use in order to be successful in life.  But when you are struggling through a high school English class learning Shakespeare or in a chemistry class trying to figure out how to balance an equation, education can seem a struggle.  If you are a science teacher, trying to liven up your classroom and make your students excited to come to class, try buying a finger print kit for your classroom. 

Imagine turning your classroom into a mock crime scene.  This gives students the opportunity to think analytically, and experiment with a potential career field.  It also gives them a chance to use finger print ink, just like the cops use on crime shows on television.  You can buy evidence bags for your students to put in any evidence that they find.

It will be a day that your students will never forget.  And once your students have gathered evidence, taken fingerprints, they can start piecing together clues to solve the crime.  This is at least a week’s worth of work.  Students will be learning without even realizing that they are doing it!  You might even encourage a student who was not even thinking about going to college, to pursue a career in criminal justice, or police work.  Let your students have a little fun, and inspire them along the way, bring fun back into the classroom.  High school classes can be boring, make your classroom anything but!