Inspecting a Garage Door

If you own a warehouse, or anywhere that needs a garage door, routine inspection is crucial to making sure the apparatus runs well. Failure to check the mechanism could lead to unintended closures, gaps that let in the elements or potential security breaches. These tips are designed to help anyone on the factory floor inspect a garage door, spotting potential problems before they develop.

Manual Release

The garage door should have a manual release lever that is easy to spot. Begin with the garage door closed, then look for it at shoulder level from the floor. It will usually be a big red lever, and it functions as a manual release to detach the door in the event of an emergency.


The panels of the garage door must withstand the natural elements, and are subject to degradation over time. It’s important that you check to see if the panels are holding together, with no visible cracks or gaps in the housing.


There should be several warning labels that will be visible from the inside of the garage. A spring warning label warns you about the spring assembly, a general warning label about the safe method to operate the door, a warning label near the control button, and multiple warning labels at the base of the door.

Hardware Inspection

Check that all of the tension springs have a secure cable that runs through the middle. These springs are part of a counterbalance system that prevent the door from hurling shards of metal into the warehouse floor if a mechanism breaks.

Electric Eyes

Modern garage doors must be equipped with a set of photo-electric eyes. The purpose is to spot potential hazards that may prevent the door from closing. These eyes should be placed six inches above the ground on each side of the door near the floor.


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Outdoor Cushions For Pool Chairs

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The outdoors is always good for you. In one way or another, almost all of us have been awestruck by the beauty of nature. It could be while we were running during the sunset on a pure white beach, walking down a cool stream, watching the sun set over the mountains, hearing the wind blow the leaves outside your window or even just hanging by the pool outside your home and just looking at all nature has to offer. Whatever it is, nature has a way of making anyone feel alive, energetic and happy.

With this in mind, it is important that we always prepare for something to do outdoors. If you have a pool at home then more often than not, you will have pool chairs. Give a little twist to these chairs to put more meaning in your nature time. You can use custom outdoor cushions that will best suit the style and decoration in your home or best suit the kind of mood that you get yourself in when you relax and unwind in the great outdoors. Always look at all the great options you have when choosing the perfect cushions of foam for your outdoor furniture.

Some people opt for cushion with great foams that will further boost up the mood or vibe during comfort and leisure time by the pool. There is a wide range of choices that can be considered when planning on buying one. One great choice would be purchasing flexible polyurethane foam.

Companies like Canada foam by mail caters to customers who wish to improve the quality and comfort of their homes by selling products like custom cushions that completes the look and feel of a home.