Designing a School Playground: What a Planner Must Consider

Before you ever see the final design of a playground, months of city and school planning go into preparing the area, and things from setting up the ground to hiring an inspector to surveying the location for the playground itself occur. For a school or park planner, planning the design of the playground can present several issues, from deciding where to place restrooms to how large the parking lot will be for parents. Each decision involves consequences and restrictions that a professional must consider.

Playground Area

Chances are you are not an inspector certified to decide where a good location will be for a playground, which is why most people will contact a professional. A pro will tell you the best location—a flat surface with suitable soil for draining and supporting the playground. To the untrained eye, most surfaces appear flat, but a surveyor will tell you for sure and describe how your soil may or may not be suitable for holding a playground. Planning out where the play area will be will typically be the first step, as the playground’s location will determine where the restroom, lights and fencing may go.


Design within the current landscape or around it? Those are your options. You can design a playground around a tree with plenty of shade, or remove the tree and allow for an open, uninterrupted environment. Of course, the professional surveyor will recommend whether you should keep certain brush or trees close to the playground or not, but it is strictly up to you.


If you are designing a school playground, chances are the restroom will be fairly close to the playground. For a park, designers do not need to put restrooms nearby. Some cities and towns will require the playground to be within a certain distance of a restroom, others will not. You may put the restroom wherever you see fit (but within a certain distance of the playground if your town or city requires it).

Parking Lot

One requirement all planners will have to take into consideration is the parking lot. According to the ADA, all playgrounds must be connected to the parking lot. Unfortunately, you cannot get around this requirement.


Some playgrounds look nice with fencing, and others do not. Some parks do need fencing to keep kids from running out into the street. The only types of playground sets that do require fencing are those within areas where high volumes of traffic pass by.

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Need Ice Cream Shop Supplies?

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If you are planning to start an ice cream shop, the first thing that you have to do is make a list of things that you will need to run your shop.  Some of the most important things are an actually building, as well as all of the paper products that you are going to use to hold the ice cream, as well as all plastics that you might need, such as spoons and other types of ice cream shop supplies. 


Once you have a good idea of everything that you need to purchase – or rent – in order to make your dream a reality, then it’s time to add everything up and see what kind of money you are talking about spending, because really what everything comes down to is the money – you have to have a budget in order to run even a semi successful business.  You also need to take into consideration how much money you will be making with your business, so that you can make sure that you will have all of your gelato cups and spoons ready when your customers come through the door for the first time. 


Having a budget will allow you to know not only how much money you have, and therefore how much you have to spend, but also how much profit you are likely to make, and therefore how much money you can assume that you will end up making back if you decide to spend extra money on tasting spoons and take out a loan.

Married Name Change for Young Lovers

It is a beautiful moment, that day when a man and a woman find themselves exchanging vows, eager to share the rest of their lives with the one that they love. Joined in holy matrimony, they plan to share their lives, and also their identity. That married name change is a sort of symbolic recognition of the joining of two lives. Those who were once two separate souls wandering the vast expanse of probability and the planet are now a unified force founded on principles of love. The two know in their very core that they are made for each other. Their love does not need a label. The change of name after marriage is more for the convenience of others. People will know just by looking at a hotel booking, or a bank account that these two have been wed.

Of course, they both welcome the change to married name with eagerness and enthusiasm. To them, it is not just a silly ritual that for whatever reason has been perpetuated into modern society. No, it is much more than that. It is the only way they can think to accurately describe who they are. To carry any other name just would not seem right. It’s like when you are referred to as Mr. Last Name for the first time, and it just seems off. To be addressed without a joint name just would not be appropriate. And though it just a simple name change, it is something you will project for the rest of your lives

Why Go To the Poconos

The Pocono Mountains are the best bet for a holiday if you come from New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia or Baltimore. They are easily accessible and there are a lot of things to do. Whole families can go on vacation in one of Pocono family resorts. They are safe and near transport networks and emergency facilities. The Poconos are a vacation paradise all year around. During winter you can go skiing, in the summer you can go hiking and you could hunt and fish in the fall while seeing some of the most beautiful places in the wild.

Business executives who have a tight schedule but would like a breather can always try out Pocono meeting facilities. There are great opportunities to have conferences, brainstorming sessions and team building events. Firms will find a very good option for team events in the Poconos. With the close proximity to major urban centers in the north east US, the Poconos are an affordable option for business firms looking for a team building venue. Having business in the wild will no doubt see a rise in enthusiasm and productivity.

If you look around carefully, there is bound to be an affordable package for your vacation in the Pocono Mountains. Some packages will bundle activities like skiing, fishing, and hunting sessions into a period like a week or several days. This will ensure you get the maximum value for money. For those ne to the wild, the Poconos will offer a fresh experience to look forward to again.

How to Choose a Good Ecommerce Cart

A good ecommerce shopping cart software can really be a good boost to your business. It can expand your marketability, give you freedom in transactions, and improve customer relations. The trick lies in picking the correct shopping cart. A good shopping cart should be strong on security and customer friendly features. There are some really good shopping cart solutions out there. Some are very expensive and some are modestly priced or even free. It all depends on the business needs and the budget.

Security should be a top most consideration when picking ecommerce cart software. The system is holding a lot of financial details belonging to the business as well as the customer. If this data is compromised, the business could be at risk of fraud and even customer lawsuits. A good shopping cart should have an integrated security system as well as pass SSL certification. If this is not possible leave it. Second to security should be ease of use for the customer. Many customers are not really impressed when they have to fumble around for the checkout. They would rather shop elsewhere. Ensure the cart is clear, simple and has all pointed out.

A good ecommerce cart should also add value to the business. One of the ways it can do this is by getting feedback to the customer. The cart should allow customers to express their view on products, pricing, service and overall customer service. This is very crucial for customer relations and improved business.


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