Closed-Cell Foam’s Best Qualities

In the world of foam, there are two main material varieties, open-cell and closed-cell. Almost every variety of normal foam can be placed into one of those two categories. Open-cell foam is soft and compressible, found in seat cushions and bedding, and the differences from one open-cell type to another are primarily in feel and durability. Closed-cell foam includes a much broader spectrum of materials, such as polystyrene, polyethylene, and neoprene. These foam types are so named because of their physical structure; open-cell foam’s cells are interconnected, while closed-cell foam’s cells are sealed off to one another.


One of the most unique closed-cell foams is also the most recognizable. Polystyrene is the white, rigid foam material used as home insulation, hot tub covers, and is formed into molded coffee cups and ice coolers. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is almost totally resistant to moisture and will not rot, mold, or degrade from moisture or water vapor. It also possesses a strong R-value, a measure of thermal resistance and an important factor in the evaluation of insulation products.


Another noteworthy closed-cell foam, most neoprene features a matte, charcoal gray rubber color. In thicker cuts, it is able to function as mat camping pads and outdoor furniture pads, or when cut thinly, can be packed in a sheet roll for shipping and large purchases. Neoprene is soft, resilient, and also resistant to moisture, temperature extremes, and even Ozone. It can be used for stable but soft exercise mats, gardening knee pads, or even to cushion furniture at sporting events with cold, hard bleachers.


Polyethylene features what some consider a plastic feel and touts one of the largest cellular structures among foam materials in its high-density formulations. A superb packaging material, it has excellent vibration and shock absorption, and is able to be cut in thin sheets for wrapping items for shipping or storage. One of its most unique characteristics is its ability to be formed with anti-static compounds, resulting in a pink, static-dissipating material that guards sensitive electronics.

Brighten up Your Child’s Room with Kids Ceiling Fans

If your kid’s room gets too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter try small ceiling fans. They help to circulate the air and get the most out of your heat in the winter and your air conditioning in the summer. There are all types of ceiling fans available that fit right in with the décor of your kid’s room. You can buy small fans in styles for kids such as super heroes, Muppet babies, Barbie and a variety of others. If your kids like certain colors you can even buy fans in their favorite colors.


Kids always have their favorite things as they are growing up. They like certain colors and also have their favorite cartoon characters and cartoon super heroes. Let them decorate their own rooms to express themselves.

If you have an area where traditional ceiling fans take up too much room, then consider flush mount ceiling fans. These types of fans fit flush to the ceiling unlike traditional fans. Kids ceiling fans  which are often small are the perfect solution for smaller rooms that don’t have a lot of ceiling space. You can find all types of fans. Browse their store for the type and style of ceiling fan that will best suit your needs. You can also check out home improvement stores to find any type of ceiling fan you need. If you are the type that loves to do home projects yourself, you can consult their home improvement experts to find out what tools you need to install them yourself.

Porch Builders Chicago Residents Hire For Big Jobs

Posted by: Chicago Remodeling Solutions

Everyone who lives in Chicagoknows that living space is pretty difficult to come by.  There are many instances where it can cost a lot of money just to rent or buy an apartment or condo unit that has one bedroom one bathroom and maybe a kitchen and living room combination.  It is difficult to find living space in the city, and adding something such as a porch can really create some value out of nothing.  Porch builders Chicago residents usually hire have great design ideas.

When you are looking for the right contractor to hire to build a porch to add some extra outdoor living space, you need to have someone who is going to come up with a design to maximize the space.  When you think about a porch you have to realize that this porch is going to represent virtually the entire front portion of your house, and is going to be seen by anyone who goes by.  A porch needs to be able to be a centerpiece for the house, and should be designed in such a way that it adds a lot of value to the property.

Setting up and starting with a budget can really help you understand what you can spend and what you should be able to get for your money.  Adding onto that, projects such as Chicago water damage restoration and siding repair Chicago residents use can also compliment these projects.  Design experts such as those at Chicago Remodeling Solutions can ensure you have a design to maximize your space.

Crowds Demand Alternative to Fan Coils

Everyone knows how much heat computers generate. The PC in your home is probably enough to heat your living room through the Winter without additional heating bills. Imagine a full room of computers and the people to operate them. This is a scenario screaming for a computer room air conditioner.

There are many alternative cooling systems to consider. Open your windows and doors. You could simply drink more water. You could add ice to your water. Wave a magazine’s long edge in front of your face. Put a wet, cold wash rag on your face. Plug in a fan. Add a wet washcloth to the back side of the fan for a makeshift swamp cooler.

Any of these might be adequate if you were alone, but once you assemble a group of people these options diminish in their returns. A crowd of people would certainly generate far too much heat for any of these cooling alternatives to be satisfying to anyone. Throw a few computers into a metal trailer and add a few people for a boiling mixture. You know this is an impossible scenario for the alternatives mentioned above.

Now imagine cooling all these people at an outdoor event. You would have to have very efficient outdoor cooling. Fan coils would not meet the bill. The way they move air is just not good enough for the mass that requires cooling. There are new technologies that handle any of these scenarios elegantly. For instance, is a great place to start to learn about the newest alternatives for cooling.


Quality Bamboo Flooring Can Help You Live In A Healthy Home

Health is becoming one of the most important things to consider when you think about the common American home.  Everyone wants to live as healthy and as happy as possible.  Living in a healthy home can be achieved thanks to quality bamboo flooring as this can really compliment just how safe and healthy your home is.

There are very few eco-friendly options out there when you are trying to decide what kind of flooring to put down in your home.  Bamboo flooring though is growing in popularity as it really can help you have a healthy home environment to live in.  Americans spend the majority of their day indoors, and when they are home they spend even more time inside their house.  Utilizing bamboo flooring can help increase your indoor environmental quality of the air that you live in.  It can help cut down on volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and other toxins that can cause a lot of damage to your body.

Bamboo flooring can help really improve the overall air quality of your home and learning can help you achieve the healthy home environment that you have been longing for.  Solid bamboo flooring can help your home be safe, and very appealing.  Bamboo flooring hardness is often overlooked, as this type of flooring can actually be more durable and last longer than even hardwood floors.  The key to bamboo flooring is learning the facts, then you can fall in love with it.

Build The Home Of Your Dreams With Los Angeles Luxury Home Builders

You have worked hard your whole life saving up to build the home of your dreams. What better place to build that home than in beautiful California. If you plan on building your home in the Los Angeles area there are several Los Angeles luxury home builders that are licensed and qualified to build your dream home.


California is a beautiful state and Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in California. There’s great shopping, fine dining and tons of events where you can see all of your favorite celebrities. There are certain neighborhoods in Los Angeles that aren’t as heavily populated as other areas. So before you start building your dream home be sure to check out all areas to find one that best suits your needs.


If your current home seems to be getting a bit cramped and there’s just not as much storage space as there used to be visit Mega Builders for a quote on a second floor addition. Once you’re on the site, read more about getting an addition put on your home. Los Angeles has had their share of natural disasters and if your home has suffered from water damage you may want to search this site for water damage repairs Los Angeles to find contractor’s that specialize in water damage repairs in your area. If the damage is extensive and it’s easier to replace than repair this company does that too. They do everything from additions to major construction. Check out their website and contact them for a quote on either your next remodeling project or the next big construction job for your home.

Polyester Fiberfill’s Vast Crafting Uses

For those who enjoy crafting and sewing, one material that is an absolute necessity is polyester fiberfill, also known as polyfill. This fluffy, cottony-like material has been used in comfort products and soft toys for ages and is a go-to material for the creation of pillows, cushions, and stuffed animals.


Polyester fill is made of interwoven strands of hypoallergenic polyester fibers that can either be spun tightly into sheets or woven loosely into fluffy bunches. Tightly woven batting sheets are often used in wrapping chair and couch cushions for an extra layer of softness that doesn’t detract from the support of the main cushion. Loose fiberfill makes great pillow inserts for a homemade throw pillow that pads furniture, as it offers a visual fullness and physical softness that can be easily increased or decreased. In clump form, the pillow fill can be gently pulled apart by hand for a less dense filling, or compacted for a more consistent, fuller pillow. Fiberfill is one of the softest materials used in cushioning and fills many pillows sold in stores. Loose fiberfill is also great to have on hand for repair projects. Well-loved stuffed animals or torn pet toys can be easily filled out again to their original shape and size with the polyester fiber.


The tightly intertwined sheets of fiberfill are often called batting. These are particularly useful for quilting because they’re light, warm, and hold their shape to give the quilt or blanket even fullness. For a multi-purpose, practical crafting material, polyester fiberfill does many jobs easily and affordably.