Pad Home Surfaces for Safety

When you’re in your home, you should always feel safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, by virtue of the sheer amount of time we spend in our homes, it is also where we have the greatest potential for accidents. With the number of weekend projects, repairs, cooking, cleaning, and fixing that goes on in our homes, it’s pretty clear why there is such a substantial number of in-home accidents. Awareness is half the battle in preventing these things though, and one way to head accidents off at the pass is with foam safety products.

One of the home’s most perilous rooms is the basement, with less-than-ideal lighting, low ceilings, and exposed support beams. These are an open invitation for banged elbows, stubbed toes, and bumped heads. Rubber cushions in custom sizes, or thin, layered sheets offer a solution to the dangers present in your basement. This soft foam can be wrapped around support beams, ducts, and basement support poles. Another basement padding option is pre-cut polyurethane foam safety cylinders that easily slide over a pole for full protection.

For homes that have them, the fireplace is another area of the home that can be a location for accidental injuries. Not because of the fire, but from the hearth’s physical presence jutting into the room. Typically built from hard stone and/or brickwork, hearths can jut into walking areas with sharp edges that are dangerous to children and adults alike. Padding hearth edges with fire retardant foam can minimize the chances of an accidentally skinned shin, or the danger of a child falling and hitting their head. Typically built over a wooden frame for support and a hardware-free installation, these covers use protective foam densities that can be an addition to your décor as well.

Staying safe should always be a priority, and when we’re aware of the ways you can prepare, our homes become that much safer.