Tips for Cleaning Door Handles and Hardware

Door handles and other pieces of hardware go a long way in determining the overall look of a front door. Clean and attractive door handles, knockers and other items add a sense of character to a front door. But if these items are dirty, rusty or oxidized, it can make your entry door look drab or run down and reflect poorly on your home as a whole.

If you have older hardware, it might be time to refurbish your pieces. Even if they don’t need a complete refurbishing, it’s a good idea to clean them on a regular basis. Here are a few tips on how to clean your door handles and hardware:

Remove the Hardware From the Door: Leaving the door handle or other hardware on your door as you clean it exposes your door to harsh chemicals. This is especially true for wood doors, as industrial cleaners can cause serious damage to wood. In addition, removing the hardware will allow you to get to small nooks and pieces.

Use the Right Type of Cleaner: In most cases, you’ll need to use more than soapy water to completely clean your door’s hardware. The type of cleaning product you use will be determined by the hardware’s material. Diluted vinegar works on many metals and woods, but you’ll want specialized cleaners for materials such as brass.

Consider Paint: If your hardware still looks dingy after a thorough cleaning, you might want to consider applying a coat of paint. Adding paint to metal hardware can help it to complement the overall look of the door by either blending in with the door’s color or by providing a contrasting color.

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